[NBA] Comments that don't warrant a thread (JUL)


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Yeah, I thought Vlade was ahead of the game on keeping things open for then but then apparently he wasn't the only person looking 2 years down the road.
I'd like to think that Vlade has his sights set on re-signing his own guys in that time, should any of our youngins' become free agents
I dunno, I like Oubre. Short contract but the value seems right. He seemed to play much better in Phoenix. Wasn't he at one point considered the top prospect in basketball coming out of high school or something?
50shadesofjimgray said:
Really, you just need to look at his background to see where this stuff comes from:
  • Two-parent household
  • Graduated cum laude from his prep school
  • High school all-star scholar athlete
  • Student government vice president
  • FCA member
In a way, you almost can’t blame him. It’s the environment he came from that doesn’t enforce respect and doing things the right way.


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