[NBA] Comments that don't warrant a thread (JUL)

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The Game Thread Dude

:: checks Basketball-Reference.com ::

:: sees that I share a birthday with Calvin Murphy ::

I'm good.
I share a birthday with Bill Wennington, Delon Wright, and Moritz Wagner. I am so dead that they're burying me by halftime.

(Upon further review, my only chance would be to rely on Bullet Bob Boozer to save my life because pretty much every other player I share a birthday with is hot garbage.)

Mr. S£im Citrus

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Bob Boozer'll get you thirty, man, you're good. Bullet Bob's career high is forty-two, and he had 30+ in a game at least once in four of his last five seasons in the league.

Capt. Factorial

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I could choose CJ McCollum, Tyreke Evans, Trae Young or Sidney Wicks. Wicks would probably be the safest bet at the moment.
If the player is both aware of the situation and actively wants to help you out...I'd take Trae Young. No way he doesn't score 30 with a full-on green light. Only question is does he hit the 10 30-footers all in the first quarter, or does he need until the second?
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