[NBA] Comments that don't warrant a thread (JAN)

Last year they played pretty well after Wall went down.

They should be looking to blow up though. I’m still down to get Porter for the right deal. I don’t think he’ll be made available until the deadline though
They seem to play better with Satoransky as PG.


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They seem to play better with Satoransky as PG.
that's based on a small sample size. Wall is such a ball dominant PG that his usage rate is very high and in return, the rest of the team suffers. But if we are talking long term here, the Wizards really aren't better off with him or without him. It's reached a point where they may need to part ways and it starts with sitting him this season so they can tank for Zion, Cam or Barrett.

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Carter's career is winding down, and there are a lot of fans who'd like to see him get one last "gold watch" All-Star selection. Also, Rachel Nichols is more or less leading a one-woman campaign to get Vince into the Dunk Contest.


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Lakers, yes.

Harden plummeted to the bottom of my power rankings when he choked last year. I hope he never wins anything that matters. If that means the Warriors beating him again, so be it.
I mean, he choked his way to the Western Conference Finals in seven, rather than the first round the year prior.