Mr. Slim soon to be AWOL


Don't Make Me Use The Bat
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Sorry, but somebody better give the Secretary of the Navy a call -- Slim is entirely too valuable to KF to have him sailing the ocean's blue ons ome silly "exercise". ;)

Mr. S£im Citrus

Doryphore of
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Not to worry:

Eh, you guys won't be fortunate enough to get rid of me completely. I did take carrier duty for a reason, after all; one of the benefits being having internet access underway... I just won't be able to get online quite as much for quite as long; I'll probably be able to check in at least once or twice a day.
Well, here's my idea. How about everyone takes over the 'ask Mr. Slim' column? Keep the same thread going, and just present your problem/situation, and everyone can pitch in with their advice.

Sound good?