This is why I'm so damn proud to be a fan of the Sacramento Kings


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Posted by Carmichael Dave on Facebook (reposted with permission)

Carmichael Dave
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I have vacillated whether or not to say anything, but thanks to Scott Moak and a couple other “trusted friends”, I figured screw it.

Had a weekend adventure with Melissa.

We flew out to Denver late Friday night, got to our hotel around midnight. Up at 6am, rented a car (got a deal on a convertible, fun!).

From Denver we drove 4 hours north, through Cheyenne, to Casper, Wyoming. Stayed there about 20 minutes, then drove the 4 hours back. Stopped in Chugwater, Wy to have a meal, then made our plane and were home by 11p Saturday night.


I got an email the weekend before last from a Kings fan in Switzerland, through the KingsFans message board. He had a buddy out in Casper, let’s just say he’s had a tough life. I won’t put his details out there, but this kid has not had an easy go. Bad thing after bad thing.

Then, 2 weeks ago, he gets in a car crash. Lost his foot.

Huge Kings and Republic fan, and he was completely depressed, and for good reason.

His buddy asked if there was any way I could get some gear and send it out. I asked Mel if we had any plans that weekend, and figured we could do some good.
I got this southwest card a year ago, and it came with the companion pass. I had some points saved up, figured we could have a little trip for next to nothing. I called my peeps at the Republic and Kings , and as they always do, they were more than happy to help.

So off we went, to surprise someone and hopefully bring a smile or two.

I won’t talk about what happened when we got there. That’s between the three of us. What I will say is I had no delusions of a couple bags of gear fixing all this kid had gone through, and all he was about to go through.

What I will say is we made it there. And we talked. And we delivered the gear. And if you’re asking “was it worth the trip?”, the answer is: of course.

What were we gonna do this weekend? Sit around? Scratch?

Did it make a difference? Probably not. But if you see me at a Kings and/or and SRFC game with a guy someday (we invited him out, whenever he’s ready), then you’ll know. And even if it was a pathetic attempt to try and help a little, and didn’t make a shred of difference, we tried our best and our hearts were full.

I would make the argument it was a bit selfish. All the “problems” we have out here with our own family and lives? Talk about a different perspective. We don’t have problems.

We have speed bumps.

Why am I sharing this? I really wanted to not share it at all. Maybe it’s my own neurosis, but I feel like any time I share anything like this, it ends up becoming about me. Oh that’s so nice, hey you’re a great guy. I get and appreciate the sentiment; but we have the means and the time. Good deeds shouldn’t be done for notice or credit, they should be done because they make little differences. And truthfully, because it fills your soul.

But I’m sharing because:
- I’m so proud of my wife. Man I’ve had her do some things before out of the blue (think RV trip), and she’s always down. Totally out of her comfort zone, but there she is with me every step. She’s my rock, and I’m so damn proud of her as a wife and the mother of our kids.
- The Republic and the Kings. Sports are so important, on so many levels. They connect people across state (and country) lines, and give us a universal language. And we just happen to have some of the best, most community oriented franchises in the world. I bring them things like this all the time, more than you know, and they never hesitate. They always help. Real people, real love. They deserve so much credit that they don’t get.
- Moak: here you go you scamp. Now you can’t blackmail me anymore
- my kiddos. Mason’s first soccer game was this weekend. We decided he’d understand, and he didn’t blink an eye. Katie Sherrets stepped in and gave him a ride all the way to Davis, watched his game, and dropped him back off after. What an amazing friend. Avery had volleyball practice. But maybe the thing that filled my heart the most? Both my sweet children encouraged us to go. They’re still so young, but they’re starting to get it.
- my parents: watched the kids on little notice (though they’d argue they got the best part of the deal, babies underfoot for a day)
- mostly tho? It’s about actions. No one is perfect, we all have our faults. You may remember during the Paradise fires we started the “Do One Thing” campaign. Not everyone has time, or money, or connections, or whatever. But what you DO have is your smile, and heart, and soul. If you already volunteer and/or help in your own way, I love you and thank you.

And if you don’t, it’s cool. But let me just tell you, do just ONE good thing today. Post it below. Truly, no matter how small. Help someone with groceries or crossing the street. Call someone lonely and tell them you love them. Anything. I PROMISE you’ll be glad you did, you’ll be filled with warmth and a good feeling you can take throughout the day.

Doing good is contagious. I’ve caught the bug long ago from so many people here locally that do things with no fanfare all the time (looking at you again, Scott). Go out and infect people, as we will try to infect our children in the same way.

Long story long, thank you to all that helped, and to the gentleman that had the courage to reach out over a continent and connect for his friend, he’s the true hero in all of this.

Hopefully, someday, you’ll meet my new friend.

I can’t wait to introduce him to his sacramento family.


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A few nights ago, when Vlade was inducted into the Hall of Fame, he said we should "play the best we can ... with love, compassion...and supporting each other to be bigger and better human beings."

He set the bar pretty high, but IMHO Dave and Melissa cleared it with ease. I can honestly say I have never been so moved by the actions of one public figure (and that's what Dave is).

Dave doesn't want this to be about him, so I'm not going heap on additional praise. I am, however, going to adopt what he said as my mantra: