MLB Thread - 2024

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Well, an involuntary bullpen game is better than a scheduled bullpen game. I’ll take a crappy starter over a good “opener” any day. I just don’t like it


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Teng looking like he’s also overmatched by every hitter.

i know SF has better minor league arms they can bring up besides these 2 guys….and I’m not talking the Whisenhunt or Blacks. Pen arms with better stuff


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I guess he was making the rest of the lineup look bad? To add insult to whatever you want to call the John Fisher era, the A's have no reason to tank this year besides their cheapskate of an owner since the highest they're allowed to pick in next year's draft is 10th (as a team who receives revenue sharing money and who has "won" top 6 picks in the first two draft lotteries).


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At least since the 107 season ender to the dodgers I’m not really annoyed by them anymore. I’ll enjoy any potential wins b it just accept all the probably L’s.
Giants have left a metropolis on the pads tonight. Paxton wasn’t even throwing well. Frustrating. Wilmer stinking it up.

Wilmer has left I believe 7 base runners on tonight.
Bullpen is pretty much 0 for the season so far. They were passable in the Harrison start but not great. Awful in every other game.

I think they’ll be the “running theme” of the season. Completely unspectacular…like the farm system


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Dodgers are just too good. It is what it is. Don’t have a read on the team. They’re good on paper. But so were the Padres last season and BobMel bungled them every which way. Still think firing Kapler was dumb. Should have had a come-to-Jesus meeting with the higher ups first. If he didn’t get more stern/serious/control, then fire him.