Kingsfans 2013 Scouting Report: Rudy Gobert


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Rudy Gobert
Hgt: 7'2"
Wgt: 238
Age: 20
Projected Draft Number: #23
Country: France
College Stats 2012-13: N/A

Mass's Review: Rudy Gobert is the first player we've highlighted with these 'scouting reports' that the Kings have actually worked out, so at the very least the team seems to be intrigued by the 7'2, 238lb Frenchman. They should be. Gobert has been blessed with a freaky wingspan and standing reach which has certainly helped him develop as a defender and shot blocker. You have to like his potential, but drafting Gobert anywhere in the top 10 would be a huge risk, even in a draft as weak as this one. The first of many red flags is the fact that despite being incredibly long and skinny, he's not a great athlete. So while his length alone should be enough to help him defend inside the paint, defending perimeter big men will be a challenge. He wasn't a very good rebounder at Cholet in Pro A France for the past two seasons which is a major concern of mine. He needs to add a good 30-40LBS if he's going to keep some of the bigger centers in the NBA off the glass. And lastly, his offensive game is really nonexistent. He doesn't do anything particularly well on that end of the court, with most of his baskets coming from oops or putbacks.

Gobert's career can go two ways. He can be JaVale McGee or DeAndre Jordan, and if he is than he's likely worth a lottery pick in a draft like this one. My fear is that he's more like Hassan Whiteside than either of those two. I say this because for the small sample size that I've been able to see him play he has never looked totally confortable or fluid in his movement. The one this I will say in his defense is that I think Gobert want's it more than Whiteside did. He has a better mind about him, and that could be a huge difference maker.

I don't believe Rudy Gobert is truly in play for #7, but based on the fact that the Kings have worked him out he could certainly be an option if they trade down.
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He's a tempting prospect because his height/weight/length are the same as a young Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, but he's not as athletic. You can find clips of young Kareem/Wilt/ArtisGilmore blocking shots with their heads at rim level, and in all the clips I've seen of Gobert, he can barely get his head near the middle of the net.

He also (obv) has none of the skill/bbiq. I also kinda hate the way he dunks the ball and plays basketball in general. It lacks the grace/confidence/self-assuredness of the GOAT centers/someone who knows what he's doing. Honestly, I think there's a chance that he's never heard of Kareem, Bill Walton, Wilt, or Sabonis 'cause he keeps talking about Tyson Chandler and Joakim Noah in his interviews...

I'm just really mad.
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I don't know if this guy is giving Alexis Ajinca vibes (another skinny super long 7'9" wingspan type with average coordination and athleticism) but his skills combined with that frame are enough for a pick in the #16-20 range, for sure. Should be a standard value pick at this range.