[Game] Kings vs Suns Jan 6PT-9ET

Back to back, but against one of the worst teams in the league.

Marvin will not play tonight according to this article: https://www.cbssports.com/fantasy/basketball/news/kings-marvin-bagley-will-rest-tuesday/

I like the way we looked last night. Hopefully we can keep racking up some wins. Maybe Harry will see a few more minutes tonight with Bagley out for rest.

Edit: It looks likely that Booker will be out as well: https://www.azcentral.com/story/spo...devin-booker-out-sacramento-kings/2515165002/


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I'll be in attendance. Second time I don't get to watch Marvin live :[. I'll have to wait until next season I suppose. Got to get this one. No Booker or Warren last time they played I'd imagine it will be a better game this time around.

oh and one more thing; 20 20 watch for Ayton
Not expecting an easy one but even with Devin booker back, all we have to do is not play down to the competition. Don’t rely on threes and take it right at Ayton

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Bros and Ladies... I'm catching the Suns feed and it's actually pretty great. DC just gave a SUPER classy extended interview looking like a million bucks in a bow tie and other color guy (wtf is that a former Suns player that I can barely remember? [TOM CHAMBERS ALERT].. side note: best color man/former player of all time is Dan Majerle fite me... anyhoo the color guy [TOM CHAMBERS] joshes Vlade on live tv about his cigar smoking habit... while DISSING Grant pretending to not recognize his signature call phrase... lol the NBA must be fun to be part of at that level....


edit: they've lost 11/12 without booker lol

second edit: why is it that I love everything about Arizona? Is this the most difficult state to dislike in the union?

third edit: (and you really can't beat this)... the suns feed has former Kings legend doing the color... EDDIE JOHNSON!!
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WCS (shakes head) gonna be destroyed tonight as usual it seems
Went to game last night with former pro ballplayer (europe) and he was lamenting WCS all night as much as I was. Was glad to have agreement from someone like that. I guess if I feel like a player isn't taking the game/his game seriously I lose respect. Sounds harsh but true.