[Game] Kings vs Clippers 3/1- 7PT/10ET

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There are still 20 games or 25% of the seasons games still to be played.

We are only 2 losses back of the Spurs and have one more head to head with them.

I think that late March Spurs game will determine if we make the playoffs or not this year. There is still plenty of basketball to be played before our playoff fate is determined. ;)
Tell me when Bagley comes back and I'll have a clue on whether we get into the playoffs or not.:)
It’s the whole “if you’re not first, you’re last!” mindset and yeah it’s pretty hard to deal with it sometimes.

As for De’aaron, I’m sure the outside media was more impressed during the first 1 1/2 months of the season, when he was showing star stuff. Much like last year, when he started off similarly, and had aggressive issues thereafter.

I think it’s expectations. When you see a player of yours play like he did to start the season, it’s natural to hope what he can be. When you see him flash that kind of talent.

He’s doing his part as a 5th pick, and I don’t doubt he will be s solid starter for the team for the next decade. But the issue for me is whether or not the “aggressive” issue is innate. I was first, over two years ago, calling out WCS innate lack of motor, that wouldn’t change, and wanting to go in a different direction. Certain attributes can be improved upon, but some are arguably leopard/spots conundrums. 3-4 years from now he will be better, but will I still, be getting on him for his imprint regularly even as a better version of himself? When you see Trae now, at his age, I’m not sure those things are questioned even if Fox is naturally more talented in certain respects

Hopefully it is a physique thing, but it’s in question and a lot of folks push back on that
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