[Game] Kings v. Spurs - Saturday, Feb. 9 - 7PT/10ET

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Impressive win without Fox being anything special. Barnes, Bazemore and Hield get the game balls. Solid win. 6-4 over last 10 games ain't bad.

Hield as a 6th man, the addition of Bazemore, and an increase in Fox's aggression (this game excepted) seem to have really made a big difference with this team.

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Buddy just put together one of the top eight 3-pt shooting performances in NBA history (making 9+, missing 0 or 1):

Ben Gordon 9-9 (3-21-2012)
Ben Gordon 9-9 (4-14-2006)
Latrell Sprewell 9-9 (2-4-2003)
Klay Thompson 10-11 (1-21-2019)
Ty Lawson 10-11 (4-9-2011)
Dan Majerle 9-10 (1-11-2000)
Rex Chapman 9-10 (2-23-1996)
Buddy Hield 9-10 (2-8-2020)
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