[Game] Kings v. Spurs - Monday, Jan. 8 - 7 PT

This is why I have always said his position will be at the 5. Too slow laterally to cover forwards. Looks better with Willie because Willie laterally is a cheetah.
I think your missing my point. I think his lack of lateral quickness may be a function of a poor defensive stance. If he got his butt back and his chest back he would be able to slide his feet more effectively.


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Question: I have the game on DVR. Do I watch or no?

EDIT: Never mind. I'll just read this thread and let it go at that. :)
Spurs adjusted at the Half. Shut down WCS and Bogdan the majority of the second half. Largely ineffective on the offensive end. Eventhough, I don't understand the WCS for Randolph sub late. Intentional Tanking, I assume.