[Game] Kings v. Cavaliers - Thursday, April 4 - 7PT/10ET

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Should have sat him to speed the healing process then.

This Bogi is a game changer. That Bogi singlehandedly lost some games.
If it wasn't an injury - if it was a slump or a mental block - Joerger did the right thing by continuing to show faith in him. Let's just be happy he's back. (Right after I dropped him from my keeper team.)
A teaching moment between WCS and Bags? Who would have thought? ;)
Willie is right!!! I bet we will see Marvin make the right pass all the time now when that occurs...

Marvin going coast to coast like that and having a C like Willie who can stay in front of him is still crazy tho. that play was glorious. if you watch them vs Clevelands bigs, they just can't keep up..
Hey stranger! Long time, no read. Have you seen Bagley and Fox in person before? If not, be prepared. They'll seriously take your breath away at least once.
I have not. I am pretty excited about it. I believe that these 2 teams will be battling for playoff position for years to come.
I am gonna thoroughly enjoy these final minutes of this season cuz I can't wait to see the improvements next year...

We need our bigs to strengthen up it will be worth a handful of wins..

Vlade using the pick on Marvin was super clutch, he is the key moving forward and if we had to gamble on anyone in this draft to deliver bigtime, he's the best dude for the job.
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