[Game] Kings v. Sixers- Thursday, March 5 - 7PT/10ET

What should we do about the Luke Walton Vacuum Cleaner Award now that he's our coach?

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Is anybody else watching this ****? Somebody mail it to Walton. Play Buddy and Bogdan together, play small, and switch when you need to.

That's easy for you to say....It's always easy for someone not on the coaching sidelines to say, "you should do this!" "you should do that"....I mean, why aren't you a coach if it's THAT EASY? ....
It is that easy. I'm simply looking at the results and the compiled advanced stats.
It's more complicated then that. If he put those players in and they didn't make their shots, then what would you say?
People would still blame Walton because they didn't make their shots and say that he should have played someone else.
This is what happens when you only have half the equation - your hot shooting gets you back in, but at some point fizzles. Some fairly large swings in the game.......Kings front-court players were not good tonight on offense either.
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