[Game] Kings @ Timberwolves - Monday, Feb. 25 - 5PT/8ET


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The fact of the matter is that the Kings probably win this game if Buddy has like one less bad play and if Willie didn't come out of the gates with his head so far up his ass he could see his heart beating.
Barnes is just not acceptable in any way. We should be talking about 15/7/2 on decent %, yet we are talking about another disappointment of an addition so far
He shot four times this game. Four. He's struggling to find his way but a lot of that means they have to find him something within the offense too. So far I love the defense and the hustle he's bringing so if and when they work him in offensively I think Vlade again scored big.
I feel like I have said it hundreds of times, but I'll say it again...

Bagley should be guarding the Cs if Giles or Bjelica is in the game with him.
Buddy played like crap but it’s not like Bogarts performance justified such a symbolic snub in crunch time of our best overall and crunch time scorer when the team needed scoring.

Plus Buddy is known to change the narrative of his night in a minute.

Kings were down big the entire second half but somehow it feels like they should’ve won and completely blew it.

Coaching rule number 1: You're only as good as your best players.
Rule number 2: Don't ever forget that.
Rule number 3: Don't ever forget that either.
Would like to see the rotation shrink

WCS Giles
Barnes Bjelica/Burks/Brewer
Hield Bogdanovic
Fox Ferrell
I do not like that starting lineup because especially with Barnes struggling with his shot, Buddy is the only good shooter, teams will pack the paint and Fox is gonna struggle to penetrate.
It’s kinda sad to see what’s happened with Bogdan. Awful on defense, inconsistent and really inefficient on offense. Too many turnovers. He’s fell off quite a bit in a short amount of time.
Kings' coach is unpredictable man. Why the hell you want to change the lineup when you have been playing so well the last three games against elite teams. This is the reason why the Kings bench can't get anything going because you screwed the chemistry and the guys that used to play together. No wonder they can't make shots or keep turning over the ball. This coach continue to define me. Sometimes he does thing or said things that is just unbelievable. How many guys did he play tonight? Hoping things work out? He now give Belicia and even Kosta minutes? What happened. Well, I tell you what happened....just as what I said above. He has screwed the lineup of the bench and so now he had to find a lineup that work. Well, the question is why did you change the lineup from the beginning? Bagley and Giles have been doing great off the bench.

At the end, I also don't understand why you want not play Buddy Hield. He's the best shooter on the entire team and he could have made a come back.

Unpredictable coach. I have said before and I will say it again...Dave Jaeger substitution is very suspicious and have cost the Kings a few games. This one is no difference.


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Also, if Giles doesn’t revert back to his early season form and commit 27 stupid fouls in approximately 7 minutes we win. We were better before he removed himself from the game.