[Game] Kings @ Timberwolves - Monday, Feb. 25 - 5PT/8ET

This is the true measuring stick for a team on the road. Both teams are rested and healthy... and we lay an egg. Both players and coaching decisions were terrible. It feels like every big road win we get comes with an asterisk... best player is out or team is playing a back-to-back after 2 OT
Buddy played like crap but it’s not like Bogarts performance justified such a symbolic snub in crunch time of our best overall and crunch time scorer when the team needed scoring.

Plus Buddy is known to change the narrative of his night in a minute.

Kings were down big the entire second half but somehow it feels like they should’ve won and completely blew it.
Tonight was just a rare off night for the Kings. I agree that they didn't play like a team that wants to make the playoffs. Hopefully they will get a severe ass chewing in the locker room, and that this loss will make us stronger for the rest of the season. The game started off so promising too with the huge lead we had.
The thing that is driving me crazy about this team is no lead is safe...that speaks to the youth we have IMO.

After playing like a man possessed WCS got completely outclassed by KAT. Buddy is not looking himself.

I keep telling myself this is only the beginning, and this team is going to be scary good in the near future.
Barnes is just not acceptable in any way. We should be talking about 15/7/2 on decent %, yet we are talking about another disappointment of an addition so far
too much lineup shuffling. there are new guys, 10 day contract guys, lineup shuffling etc.. all at a critical time. hopefully we find our rotation soon.

Memphis Dave is back from the grave!

Kidding aside, I think he did see a unit that he might be able to go to with Brewer and Barnes out there. I'm sure he continues to bang his head on the "go big" brick wall like usual even though he did say the small lineup was what he was going with from here on (heard that before! haha) but playing small clearly looks like the best possible unit on both ends most of the time.