[Game] Kings @ Pacers - Tuesday, Oct. 31 - 4 PT

Bogy also apparently cashing it in if the things being said about Hill are true
Idk... a rookie having a rough game isn't the same as a steady workmanlike vet going invisible.

I'm not yet calling George Hill on his dissapearing act. I think I've heard too much good about his character to believe he's checked out because he's paid. But I can understand where they're coming from. History has shown people check out after getting $$$$.
This will be interesting to see how coach Joerger responds. Right now they've given up on the system. Next step is the coach. He needs to find a way to make the game fun again.

I will say I'm not too unimpressed with the defense he's put in. They are trying on that end. It's not all effort, it's confidence and that confidence is waning.
Why do I always wake up in the middle of the night to watch Kings go down by double digits in the first quarter? What did I do?

Well, there is always next year, I guess!?!? Right?
Buddy hield honestly missed that last 3 because he thought hill was gonna turn it over bringing it up the court again and it ****ed up his mentality shooting

I'm done with Buddy. He's worse than Ben. Randolph looks like a 90 year old out there. Oh wait, he actually is 90. No hearth. No effort. Nothing. These guys are just embarrassing themselves.