[Game] Kings @ Pacers - Tuesday, Oct. 31 - 4 PT


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So, we Kings fans already had the trick on Sunday. Let's see if we can go into Indiana and have a treat on Tuesday. (The link can get you a stencil for the pumpkin.)

I continue to be impressed with Bogs. He's the real deal. I think he's working hard to fit into the team without wanting to appear as though he feels entitled to start or take any kind of preferential treatment. I like his attitude and I look forward to seeing him improve as he gets the lay of the land so to speak. It won't take long.

So maybe it's not time to just throw caution to the winds and toss all the rooks out there to swim or sink? I'm speaking only for myself, but I learned a lesson Sunday. I think I'll let Joerger make the coaching decisions and I'll sit here and cheer for the team. I think that'll work a lot better for both of us. :p

It's still a good time to be a Kings fan! Happy Halloween!



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I would like Joerger to use the same starting lineup as he did against Washington if only because it gives those guys a chance at redemption. First lesson: Punch them first before they punch you. Start strong. And Kings, if you don't know it already, it's ok to be physical out there. Nobody is going to arrest you.


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Sean Cunningham‏Verified account@SeanCunningham 7m7 minutes ago

Kings at Pacers tomorrow night. Zach Randolph (Sore Left Foot) is Questionable
I think if ZBo is out, it won't hurt the Kings too much.

I think having Hill back in the starting line up will help a lot.

I'm starting to think that Bogdan may be better suited starting at shooting guard and bring Buddy off the bench to be instant offense, super 6th man sub, like how Eric Gordon is being used in Houston. Buddy may be be able to better exploit other teams 2nd unit and score better and more efficiently on the 2nd unit.

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Be nice to see Darren Collison. Darren is the Pacers starting PG. He is very underrated IMO. Looks like the Pacers start Oladipo and Sabonis who came to them in the Paul George trade. Thaddeus Young and Bojan Bogdanovic round out the starting five. Corey Joseph, Al Jefferson, Lance Stephenson, TJ Leaf and Joe Young are their mob coming off the bench. None of these guys are All Stars but they just beat the Spurs and have started the season 3 and 3 and should not be taken lightly. I liked Sabonis coming out of Gonzaga and he is averaging a double/double on 25 minutes a game. Oladipo is being featured and this could be just what he needed.

All in all this should be a good challenge for the Kings. You know Darren will be motivated. It is a bit of a homecoming for George Hill as well. George played five seasons in Indy. I think George is hampered by the groin pull from a couple of weeks ago. Lets hope the rest did it well and he is back in the groove. ZBo may not play which is just as well since Indy is small and fleet at the PF position with Young at 6'8" and 220 lbs.

This will be a good game for the Kings to get their mojo back and keep the score close.



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Sabonis and Oladipo have been playing out of their minds. Collison has also been playing the best basketball of his career. Turner being out helps but this is going to be a tough one to win.


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They are all going to be tough.
Watching the Kings I can't help but remember a pick up game on the only court at Laguna Beach. I met some guys and formed a team. We waited patiently for a chance to challenge. Our chance came and we did not do so well. We got smoked actually by some very talented players. Later, I asked a guy "who were those guys?" "Four of them used to play for UCLA." he replied.


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Sadly at the moment the Kings have two opponents every night, the other guys and themselves. Two of our first 5 games they came out so soft they got into holes they could not get out of (two different starting lime ups). Also closing out games is still a big problem for this group. Sure there are a lot of kids on the team... learning curve... big shakeup... but all stories aside the fact is that until the team fixes these two issues of focus their first opponent each night is their own play. Sure we could discus match ups, improved execution, renewed focus on rebounding, taking the game inside when shots are not falling or even which players are "not ready" or "done" but what is the point? The issues are not about individual players they are all having the same issues. If we were just getting hammered by better teams I would not expect to see the good quarters we have seen against good teams. The problem as I see it is team identity and team focus, the players are coming out on the court unfocused and ineffective and the line up change made it worse by loading up the floor with players with little experience in turning play around when the offense is stuck. Does this all point to coaching then? Maybe, but given DJ's career as a coach I defiantly say give him and the team time. Of course the bad news is unfortunately I think we may be watching a few more really bad games before things get better.

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If were are within 5 or 6 points for most of the game I'll be happy.

Please no more stinkers for awhile.

I think Collison is more aggressive than usual tonight, hopefully it means lots of bricks, but expect his shot volume to be high.


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Bogdan getting his first start! With Temple out too, this feels like a "Alright Bogdan, heres 35 minutes" to see what he can do. He also has a cake match-up against Bojan, so this is as good a spot as any to see a Bogdan blow-up game.


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Collison has been showing better than Hill and making much less... Time to play ball George.. Although I didn’t appreciate DC not stepping into that first option role post trade, I’ve always thought he was solid and he had nothing but love for the community

This should be a good game, come down to the final 6 minutes


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I was never Collison's biggest fan... but 6 games in I'd definitely want him over the Hill we have now.

Buddy... go away.