[Game] Kings @ Pacers - Tuesday, Oct. 31 - 4 PT

Skal looks like a deer in headlights on defense, either that or Sabonis isn't the player he is supposed to be defending
Skal looks like a deer in headlights, but on that play, it was on Willie. Skal came out just enough for Willie to get back on Sabonis, so Skal went back to his man at the 3pt line... Willie just got caught ball watching.
This offense is painful to watch. Not blaming anyone or anything, but it's really disjointed and random.

Nobody knows what they are supposed to be doing. This is where they have too look deep, ditch the pass first motion complicated off ball screen stuff and simplify. Every time an offensive player has the ball they think "pass" to a fault.
If the offense stays this bad I struggle to see how this team can even win 20 games. It's really, really bad.

If the offense stays this bad and it's not something they are shooting for then you can bet things won't be staying the same in more than few aspects for very long.