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If you guys want to talk about a bubble we can talk about the economic bubble in sports media of the past 20 years.

There may or may not be some ridiculous semblance of a remainder of the season. The point I'm getting at is that basketball, and sports entertainment as we know it is over. Attendance at sports events will never recover. This will affect the excitement of televised broadcasts. Both of these will dramatically effect revenue. Franchise valuations will plummet. Salaries will drop by 50% at least. And this is all for pro sports where players unions will fight tooth and nail to play. College sports don't have these unions and will be decimated... and this will further crumble sports media business infrastructure. In a rapidly declining industry, infighting and petty wars over the remaining scraps will prevail. This is particularly damaging to an entertainment product where a positive message and optimism is part of the the experience.

The magic is gone.

I've made the previous extreme statements because I don't think people are grasping the magnitude of the economic effects of these shutdowns, and the permanent behavior modifications that will happen across society. Going to a large sporting event for fun is not going to be a thing for a critical mass of the population which will then make the whole experience for everyone else far less interesting and fun.

Do people realize that, in addition to these direct effects, we will be losing 50% of small businesses by the time these lockdowns are over? People are not going to have money to spend on sports.

Basketball is over.
great and outside of being a little extreme , I dont think a lot of people are disagreeing with you about ramifications. But Maybe some of just want to go a freaking minute without dwelling on all the negative crap happening in the world. You keep keep wanting to ram it down our throats
This. People are going to flock to events (of every single variety) the second restrictions are lifted. NASCAR got 30,000 people today. In the height of the pandemic.
Exactly, not only that even if salaries were cut in half people will still play for that. Hell if the highest salary 10 years from not was 1 million a year people would still play. And people will watch as well like you said
Sports entertainment is pretty resilient in the long term, they've survived pandemics, and world wars before. Maybe the industry will change, maybe shrink, but it won't go away unless people find an alternative that they prefer.
Yeah, That’s my job... Once the actual games start!
this made me spit my water up a bit...LOL...

what I wouldn’t give to go back to a time where I was drunk posting, posts that I didn’t even remember posting as we came back down 18 against the Nuggets....

minus the booze and making a fool of myself sports, seems like another lifetime ago!
Does Kyle Guy ever stop talking?! I thought Justin James was supposed to be the one that talked endlessly. JJ looks like a stone introvert next to Guy.
It's all good. I'm just having a little fun here. No need to lecture me about being too serious or too critical. Jeesh.
Look at the bright side, how often have there been complaints from lack of communication?