Kings/GS Vegas Summer League

Hawes looking pretty bad again. He seems to get frustrated out there quickly and easily.

Yah, he's trying to do more than he can. He's not the athletic type that can get up and down the floor like the others playing.. His game is more of a controlled game, which summer league is definitely not.
The quality isn't that bad (although it could be better)

I remember the first game I couldn't even see numbers on players backs.
No my online feed dosent even work at all.... from at least.. its says its not available in my area? why all the hate for canadians lol.


THis is like the last game all over again..had a 10 point lead in the first quarter and now about to be down by 10+ in the second.
That jam off a missed shot, the only highlight for Randolph in the first half. I'm not impressed with his jacking up shots from everywhere and zero post game - no surprise since he's a twig. In Nellie's system maybe he'll thrive in a couple years. Still like JT a ton more!!