[KINGS] Comments that don't warrant their own thread (Redux)

I will never ever ever understand why people can say DeMarcus was what was wrong with the Kings when we followed him up with,

Sauce Castillo

In the following six lotteries. One single pick in that lot goes right, and the Sacramento Kings history is very different.

I will fight on this hill to my dying breath.
Hey, go one year earlier and pick Steph instead of Tyreke and maybe we're the team of the decade
Jimmer - Klay or Leonard were picked after
TRob - Dame was next pick and who I wanted, but they were worried about JT leaving.
McBen - Giannas was recommended by Petrie to the new owners.

The rest wouldn't have mattered because they would have been in the playoffs.
We did manage to draft an All Star in this period, (You are omitting Isaiah Thomas). Over the same period, the Warriors managed to draft two All Stars (Klay, and Draymond)

So we hit one less time with our draft picks than the team of the decade. Would another star have helped? Yes.

Was Cousins the guy you build a team around in 2011? I don't think so.
He would be an good project player to take a flyer on and see if he can develop. Unfortunately we don't have that Vlade-Peja Serbia connection to help reel him in to the organization. Maybe we can sneak in and sign him to our G-League team?
Someone with 150 games played may not be looking for non-NBA mins.


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Man, those 5 losses right before the All-Star break were brutal. We would be tied for the 3 seed right now if we'd won those 5 games. I still think we have a shot at the 4 seed though if we lock in for the last month and a half. Minnesota, OKC, and the Clippers are probably too far out now for us to catch them but the next 3 teams above us in the standings (Nuggets, New Orleans, Dallas) haven't been lighting the league on fire. And both Denver and Dallas struggled after the All-Star break last season.
I was looking at the standing right after my post and thought that we must enter the top 6 at any price cause playin games with GS an LA are gone be tooooooo tricky , especially with both getting into speed at the end of the season ...
I still expect Mini and OKC to drop a bit , but obviously i was wrong and this is not happening ..
So the real battle is for 4/5/6 in my opinion , or actually is to avoid being after 6th and pray for a bit of luck
Next 6 will prety much give us a clear idea where are we heading atm ...
4 out of 6 are with direct opponents for those places ...
Top three-point shooters for the Kings in February (minimum eight of twelve games): Davion Mitchell, 47.6%; Trey Lyles, 46.3%; Chris Duarte, 45%.

Also-rans: Domantas Sabonis, 30.8%; De'Aaron Fox, 32.4%; Malik Monk, 32.8%; Keegan Murray, 33.9%.

Considering that Fox, Monk, and Murray are 1st, 3rd, and 5th in attempts per game--Fox with a whopping 6.7 average--you can see how the Kings have been struggling as of late. In December, those three guys were the top shooters on the team from deep, but the production for Fox and Monk has fallen off sharply in January and February.
Would we have been better to keep Donte DiVincenzo over getting Huerter?
That was my take at the time.
  • Good defender
  • Good shooter
  • Good rebounder
  • Good passer
  • Good ball handler
  • Good IQ
  • Good athleticism (42” vertical too)
  • Just turned 27
The knocks against him are he can be a bit turnover prone/sloppy at times and he doesn’t have ideal length at SG but his strength, quickness, vertical, and IQ allow him to play bigger than he is.

You would have also not given up a 1st round pick if you simply resigned DiVincenzo giving us more flexibility in trades (and allowing us to draft someone in the 1st round this year).

Now I’m on the record that I think the Huerter trade in a vacuum was a win from a value standpoint, but at the time, I would have preferred to keep that 1st and simply resign DiVincenzo as I thought at the time that he brought more of what this team needs vs. Huerter.