Future prospects (split from tank thread)


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I don't like scouting HS players unless it's tape from the FIBA games or Nike/Adidas/McDondalds. I'll take a crack at McClung. I've seen a few highlight vids, but never really bothered.
He looks like a good athlete, but he's one of those 2 feet jumpers. Looks like he has good explosion, but needs a bit of space for lift off. Definitely an aggressive slasher.
Now....time to bag on the kid unfortunately. In those entire 47pts he scored, I only saw 1 jumpshot that was basically a prayer. That's a gigantic red flag. Can he shoot?/ I also didn't see any passing or playmaking from him.

He looks like an undersized SG who can't shoot. Aside from the hops, I don't see any NBA potential in that video.
He's not looked at as a SG but as a PG, or perhaps a combo guard. Look, it's too early to pass any judgements on the kid. Lets wait and see how he develops and certainly not think that what we see in a highlight film is the summation of the kid's career. I could post some other video's of him shooting three's and none of them look like a prayers. Here's a quote from an ESPN analyst.

ESPN basketball recruiting director and former college coach Paul Biancardi said confidence will help McClung on the next level, as well as his obvious superior athleticism.

“He’s a creative finisher,” Biancardi said. “If it’s an open path, he’ll finish with one of his YouTube-sensation dunks. But even if there are defenders between him and the rim, he has good body control and he can find a good angle to get the ball on the glass, and that’s a skill.”

Another one of McClung’s strengths that goes unnoticed? Shooting.

“He’s a very good long-range shooter,” Biancardi said. “The athleticism and the dunks are what we see, but the shooting is what is going to allow him play at the (college) level.”

He's going to Georgetown, so he going to get a chance to prove himself against the big boys. Let's see what he can do before passing judgement. He can jump, run, and he has excellent handles, and from what I've read he's a very good passer. We'll see.