De’Aaron promoted to Team USA Main Roster.

I have a couple friends that are Spurs fans and they swear that Derrick White is better than De’aaron Fox too.
That's just fandom. I mean White is good. Very good. Fox will be in the conversation, very soon, as the best point in the league. White will always be a tier below, but dude is solid as hell.
De’Fox is ready to ascend y’all. This season can’t get here soon enough!!!
Yeah he has the announcers spotlighting him and his impact. The thing is, he just makes such an impact on the game. You know he is on the court. And he makes plays. Superstars make plays. He is going to be a superstar. I'm sure of it. I just hope Bagley becomes one too. You need 2 of them to win anything these days. Vivek wanted his Warriors East. Homegrown stars. Vlade is doing a good, and lucky, job...
Wanted to cool does Vlade look right now? He said he would have taken DFox at #1 if he could. He was always dialed in on Bagley. Made the trade for a hope (Giles) and a prayer (JJackson). Hated Chriss at 8 but loved Bogie and a trade back for a hope at potential (Malachi and Papa G). He has done really well in the draft. Free agency has been a wash. Trades have been a wash (unless Barnes shows out in his new role).

To me, more positive than negative, even if it needed a bit of luck (Hey Warriors, looking at you with Steph and Klay and even Draymond falling to ya). But hey, maybe the Warriors dont deserve credit for Steph and Klay falling to them and the Kings dont either for Fox falling. Or, so sayeth the haters.