Corbin already signed for remainder of year?


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According to an NBA source, the Sacramento Kings inked Tyrone Corbin to a contract to coach the team through the end of the 2014-15 season more than a week ago. Corbin originally signed a two-year contract as an assistant coach under Michael Malone. When Malone was relieved of his duties on Dec 14, Corbin was named to an interim role. -
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If this is true, holy crap. I mean holy crap.
How is James Hamm getting this scoop before Amick or Woj, etc? Is he PDA's new inside man?

This has almost pushed me to not renew season tickets. I am so frustrated by all this.


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I just posted something about our leadership hiding.

But to sign Corbin for the rest of the year and not even have the balls to tell the fanbase? And we're supposed to have confidence in this guy and this decision? If you have to hide it from your fanbase, you made the wrong decision.

**** it's tough be a fan of this team. I've been asking myself why I do it. Only answer I can come up with right now is Cuz. Our upper management seems hell-bent on wasting away the greatest young asset this franchise has ever seen, so not even that is looking all that good.
Malone was building something in Sacto with the Kings. You could sense it. If he had an Owner and GM that valued his contribution and would listen to him he could have done very well IMO. The players currently on the Kings were just starting to get it. The starting unit was playing solid.

Now not so much.

No disrespect to Corbin but he is in a lame duck role.

Please, please, please everyone tweet @vivek and @pdoro with your displeasure. I can't effing understand this crap, why not hire a proven coach!!!? Does anyone else think we're legitimately tanking on purpose? I can't see any other reason that the FO is going this way.