Bill Self

Am watching Speak for Yourself right now and they are discussing Bill Self and if he is tired of Kansas and possibly leaving for the NBA. During the debate they mentioned Sac. The context was he could go to Sac, Indiana, Charlotte and flop after 3 years in the NBA and still get a top job in college. The question is not about replacing Luke Walton with Self per se, its more if Self could do well with our roster and in the NBA in general.
An interesting thought, but I vote Hard Pass. By all accounts a quality NCAA coach (and by most accounts a quality guy), but I don't see any demand for one more addition who comes with a learning curve. He also has some NCAA legal drama that has not resolved yet.
I don't think his style would play well in the NBA. Can't see NBA players buying into a defense first, grind it out, controlling type of coach. And if the Kings are looking for that type, they're better off going after Ben Howland.
I've lost faith in Luke and while I haven't totally jumped off the bandwagon, I'm close to it.

If any of the above jobs you mentioned did open up however, I'd imagine he'd probably prefer Indiana by a wide margin. The Hornets and Kings have poorly constructed rosters and the two organizations in general are just bad.

Indiana is a pretty good team, and I'd guess Bill Self would be much more comfortable living in a place like Indiana considering he grew up in Oklahoma and has coached in mostly rural areas his entire career.