Austin Rivers ?

The Kings lack a defensive minded backup PG / SG. I’ve always liked Rivers tenacity and approach to the game and feel we could use another player in the Shumpert mold. Does Rivers entice any of you as a bench player to aid in that department ?
I've never thought of Austin Rivers as even an average defender, let alone someone in the Shumpert mold.

I think of him more in the Nick Young mold. He can come off the bench and get hot and put big scoring numbers up on the board here and there but overall he's inefficient, doesn't do much else to fill the stat sheet and is a liability on defense.
Wow. Phoenix is really clueless. After trading away Ariza, they were trying to get a point guard, they got one (albeit not that good of one) and then they waive him. The chances of Ourbe re-signing with them is also pretty low this summer and they didn't even want Ourbe in the first place. So, they basically got nothing in that Ariza trade.

Rivers will probably want to go back to a safe haven with his dad on the Clippers, that way he will get some minutes.
He hasn’t yet signed with Memphis actually. In regards to defensive rating he is around 106 whereas Shump is around 103 averaged over their careers. I don’t see much similarity with Swaggy P and Rivers at all outside of the fact that they bring energy off the bench. Rivers however brings it on both ends (granted not a great shooter).