[2020] Gone But Not Forgotten

About two minutes before I saw about Chadwick I also got the news that Lute Olson had passed away yesterday.

The Kings had already come to town and I was going to games but Lute's Arizona teams more than anything made me fall in love with basketball. I remember being so crushed when we got the number one pick and Sean Elliot was coming out. I don't think we really missed out there, nobody picked number one that year would have measured up, but yeah.

RIP Lute.

And seriously the Boseman thing. I just can't with this year.

Two college legends in less than a week. Never was a Georgetown fan but I had so much respect for Coach Thompson. Just like Lute a big piece of my developing love for the game as I discovered March Madness in middle school. RIP.
So sorry to hear this. I had Georgetown season tickets for the first 2 years of the Patrick Ewing era before moving to Sacramento. The defense his teams played was awesome.
Amazing that such a great basketball conference could be completely ruined.

But then I am a PAC fan and they under Larry Scott they may as well be a mid-major.
seems like just yesterday the PAC 10 was stacked. I thought they were severely underrated. I used to bet on pac 10 all the time. Could never go wrong betting the over in those games lol
Sorry should have specified I meant football :p
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Travis Roy, BU Terrier (Ice Hockey), activist

A name that may not be familiar to most outside New England, Travis took the ice for the Terriers for just 11 seconds during my junior year at BU. He collided into the boards becoming a quadriplegic. For the last 25 years of his life he dedicated his life to the Travis Roy Foundation for spinal cord research. He passed due to complications of his paralysis. Truly an inspiration who will be missed.

My father, who once, around the same time I joined this site, leant me a book called On The Eve, passed away two days ago. He was diagnosed with lung cancer earlier this year and put up a brave fight. Bless him.