[2020] Gone But Not Forgotten

About two minutes before I saw about Chadwick I also got the news that Lute Olson had passed away yesterday.

The Kings had already come to town and I was going to games but Lute's Arizona teams more than anything made me fall in love with basketball. I remember being so crushed when we got the number one pick and Sean Elliot was coming out. I don't think we really missed out there, nobody picked number one that year would have measured up, but yeah.

RIP Lute.

And seriously the Boseman thing. I just can't with this year.

Two college legends in less than a week. Never was a Georgetown fan but I had so much respect for Coach Thompson. Just like Lute a big piece of my developing love for the game as I discovered March Madness in middle school. RIP.
So sorry to hear this. I had Georgetown season tickets for the first 2 years of the Patrick Ewing era before moving to Sacramento. The defense his teams played was awesome.
Amazing that such a great basketball conference could be completely ruined.

But then I am a PAC fan and they under Larry Scott they may as well be a mid-major.
seems like just yesterday the PAC 10 was stacked. I thought they were severely underrated. I used to bet on pac 10 all the time. Could never go wrong betting the over in those games lol
Sorry should have specified I meant football :p
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