2015 Draft Prospects:

Continuing with Hilliard hype train:

Looks pretty shifty. He measured with a nice no step vertical reach in Portsmouth (same range as Jason Richardson, Childress, Granger or Joey Graham), and though he doesn't play above the rim in traffic, he can rise up:

This guy seems to have good handle, NBA range and ability to go after the ball - sounds like a perfect player for Karl, might probably become a fringe contributor as a rookie. Would be a great pick-up as an undrafted FA.
Chad Ford on Mudiay: Mudiay is a HUGE PG. Gained 9 lbs of muscle since I saw him last. In great shape.

Obviously this is probably more like, "he gained 9 lbs and a lot of it is muscle" because 9 pounds of pure muscle is some hulk status gains. Either way, good to see he's in shape as I still hope he could fall to us.
Thank Jebus you posted this, I was about to point out some facts. It really pisses me off when people who never stepped foot inside a gym say "He put on 20lb of muscle over the off-season". Umm, no, he didn't. Unless he was using roids and on top of that is a genetic freak.