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    D.Williams is a terrible teammate.

    I know him personally and this entire thread is ridiculous. Some of it is inflammatory drivel that you would never say to a person's face. FWIW, I was near the Bulls bench and Derrick Rose looked like he was sleeping at times. Terrible teammate? I digress. RE: Derrick He came into camp in the...
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    Hey Kings fans! It's time for roll call!

    Kings Fan from Foresthill, California, but in my short life I have lived in Buenos Aires, London, New York, Krakow, Paris, Berlin, Santa Cruz, Los Angeles, and now I'm right in the heart of Midtown Sac. I've been a fan since 1998 and I've never wavered in my support. I've foolishly watched...
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    [Grades] Grades v. Warriors 11/5/2012

    C'mon Gary, you're giving the man no credit for his terrific defense.
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    Wanna work for MSE??

    Can't feel good about those being long-term employment situations.
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    [Game] Kings at Lakers 3/2/12

    Well, that was unpleasant.
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    [Game] Kings at Lakers 3/2/12

    Hello! Some of you may remember me. Sticking my nose in from a busy busy college schedule to say: BEAT LA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Spoiler Alert: Kobe will be obnoxious. Bynum and Cuz will get chippy. Derrick Fisher can't even guard Isaiah's socks, so expect a good game from IT. We'll see if...
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    [Grades] Grades v. Lakers 12/26/11

    It's amazing what the team can do with depth. I was really impressed with what I saw from the team tonight. It's obvious the impact Chuck has already had on this team. It's night and day from last year. Now if they can just stop getting lost on defense and pass the ball a little more...
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    KF - Official Fantasy Football League - 2011

    PM me just in case.
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    Hawks being sold to SoCal Pizza guy

    The Falcons sell out. That's about it. The Hawks did well in the 80s.
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    The NFL Discussion Thread - 2011/12

    Are we not doing a FF league this year?
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    Student Film Projects

    SO I've been a lurker here for the last two or so years after being a very active member, but film school takes a lot of my free time. I figured I'd post what I've been working on here, looking for some feedback (constructive). 06BVv-9jU44 My most recent work. JgCE-J2ZV60 My first video in HD...
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    Maloofs say they're willing to pay the two L.A. teams whatever it takes to relocte

    The greater Sacramento area accounts for the 20th largest media market in the US. That speaks for itself.
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    Maloofs say they're willing to pay the two L.A. teams whatever it takes to relocte

    They could almost build a new arena for 300 mil. The Maloofs don't have that kind of money, and at this point, I doubt the NBA Board of Governors let's the Kings move to Anaheim. It doesn't make sense for the league to have three teams in Southern California, meanwhile burning one of the best...
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    [Game] Nuggets @ Kings 01/06/11 Game Thread

    The "shot" changed things for this team. Just the overall attitude and swagger.