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    Four tickets to 7/5’s games

    I’ve got four tickets to Thursday’s game that I can’t use, anyone available to put them to good use (section 213, section J)? PM if interested.
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    Welcome to the Sacramento Kings, Marvin Bagley III

    Welcome... lesson #1- BEAT LA!!!!
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    The Kings unveiled their new Nike jerseys

    I think they're good looking uniforms, much better color combo then last year's, but I'm just not a fan of the NBA turning into NASCAR by allowing advertisements.
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    [NBA] Comments that don't merit their own thread (TDOS)

    After giving the Hayward situation more thought, the NBA needs to have some type of compensatory pick rule in place, similar to that of MLB's to prevent teams from loosing their franchise players without compensation. For example if the original team makes a qualifying offer and the player signs...
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    Free Agency Open Thread (NBA and Kings!)

    Interesting point. If that's the way he thinks, I'm glad he's not coming here!
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    Free Agency Open Thread (NBA and Kings!)

    Everyone around here mailing in the season is even got me feeling skeptical... thanks for the optimism-- I'll always be rooting for the Kings too!!
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    Free Agency Open Thread (NBA and Kings!)

    Sounds like I'll be rooting for the Rockets... :)
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    Bogdan Bogdanovic

    Your points are well taken.
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    Welcome De'Aaron Fox!!

    Welcome!!!! Now first things first: Beat LA!!!
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    Power Rankings, Week of 3/13

    "Pro Tip #2: It's Paddy, not Patty. Patty is a girl's name." Patty Mills may object...
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    Draft or playoffs?

    I say playoffs. That's what the majority wanted before the trade knowing we would loose the pick. If we would have been told a month ago we could make the playoffs, have a pick in the 10-20 range, and avoid the swap with Philadelphia seems to me most would agree to that! I for one am tired of...
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    I may have been ... wrong

    It was nice not having to watch the team complain every time down the floor (not specific to cousins, that goes all the way back to "the glory days)!
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    Trade deadline approaching for Kings

    We should go ahead and start the farewell Ben thread, he's as good as gone now!
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    The Boogie Man

    Ahhh... Nope. Great night!
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    "I love winning like... better than losing" -Nuke LaLoosh