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    So let's say STOP collects the needed signatures...

    I personally feel that if STOP comes up with enough signatures, that the City of Sacramento will challenge them in court. Due to hansen's shenannagans and all of the lies and deceitfulness of STOP.
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    Vagrant Kings - "Kevin Johnson Hates the Kings" says R.E. Graswich I can't belief this MF, has wrote a tell all book on Mayor Johnson I normally would give some one the benefit of the doubt and wait to read this book, but...
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    Chris Webber's HOF Case (via Grantland)

    The overall topic of this is "should Webber be inducted into the HOF. I gave an "in passing" remark that I felt Chris was underappreciated here in Sac. I was asked "am I out of my mind". I do feel that Chris Webber was vilified here. No malice, that is how I feel. Go back and look at the post...
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    Chris Webber's HOF Case (via Grantland)

    WOW!!!!! that comparison is eye opening. I hope voters see this. If so, C Webb should be inducted.
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    Chris Webber's HOF Case (via Grantland)

    In the last year plus of Webber's run in Sacramento, he was booed in Arco Arena. How do I know? Because in Game #5 in the 2004 Western Conference 1st Round series against the Dallas Mavericks, i was there and I heard the booing, I heard the rumbling, I heard the negativity. I heard all of the...
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    Chris Webber's HOF Case (via Grantland)

    Excellent Article on my all time favorite player Chris Webber!!! With that said, C-Webb is not a Hall of Famer in my mind. If you look at all the modern day inductees into the Hall of Fame (all of C-Webb's contemporaries) from Payton, Reggie Miller, Mullin, Pippen, Malone, Stockton, D...
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    Arena Signature drive funds originated by law firm representing Maloof family

    Please don't accuse me of defending the Maloofs, because those mf's can never be defended. But what would the motivation be for the Maloof Family who got their money from Sacramento, to turn around and potentially break election laws by wasting 80K to put an arena referendum on a ballot in a...
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    McLemore, what are your expectations?

    Even though I am very high on the young man, and believe that HE DOES have a skill set to be a longtime starter in the league, my expectations for 2013-14 is measured at best. If Ben McLemore is averaging 30 min a game like Ray Allen did in his rookie season, the Kings are not going to be very...
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    Arena (Opponents) Lies

    Mike, after watching the report, is this an indication that arena proponents are a little concerned that the STOP signature gathering is making progress? Or is it more getting ahead of the situation before it is too late.
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    Vivek's daugther........................

    What in the bloody.......Moderators please?!?!?!
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    Kings vs Mavs - summer league

    These are some of the comments posted after "One Summer League" game, ready..... Cuad - BMac has forced two shots... he should stop. Bricklayer - he does not have a special skillset. Sac.Kings - McCallum is filthy. I want him to start, tradition be damned! Fear the Putin - McLemore played...
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    I'm sorry, but count me in the "I am glad that VIVEK SAVED THIS TEAM, AND I ACTUALLY HAVE BASKETBALL TO TALK ABOUT" side of things. Reading some of the post, some of ya'll act like this new ownership and GM is the second coming of Al Davis!!!! I don't think that having: Jason Thompson...
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    Everybody panic!!!

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    Kings trading Evans for Vasquez/Lopez

    I want to repeat my thought earlier. This Front Office has shown more balls and aggressiveness in the past 36 hours than the previous front office did the last four years. 1. They committed to overpay Andre Iguodala 52-56 million dollars to fill a huge need at Small Forward 2. Then within a...
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    Kings trading Evans for Vasquez/Lopez

    WOW! I guess the honeymoon is really over and the new team has not played one single game yet. LOL!!! I was all on board in matching the Evans offer, and putting the ball in his hands for years to come. I love Tyreke Evans. I love his game, I love his potential......but I love winning...