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    Hey Kings fans! It's time for roll call!

    Checking in after being inactive for a year or two. New ownership/front office and finality of the relocation issue has renewed my interest in this team. Let's go Kings!
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    Aaron Brooks

    Looks like Jimmer is gonna get Scrub minutes from now on. I really hope another trade is coming. One that clears up the back court. I mean, we had too many shoot-first guards before and the team signs another one: IT Jimmer Reke Thornton Brooks God damn it Kings, there's only on ball!
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    Blake Griffin signs extension with Clippers

    Webber's injury in Dallas was also a torn meniscus right?
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    Free Agency has started !!

    I know petrie/maloofs won't really sign anyone outside of the Kings' free agents so I'm fine with this line-up next season: PG -Isaiah Thomas SG - Reke SF - Terence Williams PF - Thomas Robinson C - DMC Bench: Marcus Thornton Jason Thompson Salmons Chuck Hayes Jimmer Garbage Time: Whiteside...
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    Is our log jam at the guard positions going to be fixed this offseason?

    Well, I don't think it's that simple. We have too many point guard-type players and not enough small forwards.
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    Is our log jam at the guard positions going to be fixed this offseason?

    Our log jam at the guard positions is a problem when it comes to rotations and the young players' development. Guards Isaiah Thomas Jimmer Fredette Marcus Thornton (PG/SG) Tyreke Evans (PG/SG/not an SF) Salmons (SG/ tweener SF) Cisco (SG/tweener SF) I know it has been mentioned a...
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    Draft Thread

    With the 36th pick in the 2012 NBA Draft, the Sacramento Kings select cash because the owners are broke. Also, I've been thinking for a long time that the Jimmer pick last year was made mainly because of the media mileage/$$ he could bring to the team.
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    Draft Thread

    Which NBA player is most similar to T-Rob?
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    Philipino Buyer Manuell V. Pangilinan to meet with Stern to discuss Kings?

    Bolded part proves my point. I'm from the Philippines, I've lived here my whole life, but I'm not gonna support/champion something or someone just because it's "Filipino". I support things/causes/people based on merit and my personal beliefs, not because of stupid racial bias. Also, this MVP...
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    Philipino Buyer Manuell V. Pangilinan to meet with Stern to discuss Kings?

    This is BS. The site is owned by Pangilinan so take their "a highly-placed source" with a grain of salt. Also, even if this was actually true, MVP's ownership would just run the team to the ground. Filipinos have no sense of meritocracy and would just make decisions that would benefit the...
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    What will we name the arena?

    Sacramento King-Dome
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    [Game] Kings vs Spurs 1/20/12

    Jimmer's been busting pretty hard as of late too
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    [Game] Kings vs Spurs 1/20/12

    Can't believe that was the Spurs' first home loss. Great win for our Kings. This is our first win streak right? Hope it continues for a little longer (don't want to get too excited though).
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    [Game] Kings at Mavs, 1/14

    Losing Beno has really hurts us. He was our only true PG the last couple of years and he always tries to set people up and get a play going. The trade that got us Jimmer and Salmons is so pathetic. Kings might not be the worst team record-wise but we are the worst basketball team in the NBA...
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    VF21 enters the 21st century

    Yeah, I mean HOLY CRAP