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As of this writing, it has not been mentioned in the WNBA's website, but Jayda Evans of the Seattle Times reports that the 2010 WNBA All-Star Game will take place at the Mohegan Sun Arena, where it was held last year.


Also, blogger John Altavilla has reported the same thing:
Why don't they just come out and announce, once and for all, that they don't care about fans out west? :rolleyes:
Why don't they just come out and announce, once and for all, that they don't care about fans out west? :rolleyes:
It's not necessarily a matter of them not liking the fans out west, I don't think that was ever really their consideration back when the league had money. They had to find places where they could get a decent crowd and the ownership in that city actually wanted to take on the responsibility associated with hosting the game.

When the financial crisis hit it changed the considerations. Their options right now are: not have one at all or have it in a place where it can be subsidized and where the costs to the league and the television company airing the game will be less.

On a related note...

I saw I think a couple of weeks ago in Jayda Evans' blog that part of the concessions made last year, when the league and the players' assn were negotiating to lop off the two spots on the IL, they also had agreed to lop $52,000 off this year's salary cap. A figure I believe constitutes a mid-level veteran. This move, like the IL reduction, is being done to level the playing field for the teams around the league.

This gives me the impression that (along with a few others) that a west-coast site for the ASG is not at the top of their list in the near term.
Katie Smith and Deanna Nolan will not be with the relocated Tulsa Shock next season.


Coach and general manager Nolan Richardson says Nolan has indicated she intends to skip the upcoming season to rest instead of relocating with the team. Her agent says she’s not under contract and "considering all alternatives."

Smith, a six-time All-Star, has already said she doesn’t plan to play in Tulsa and is listed as a free agent by the league. The season begins in May.
Yeah, I concur. The Lynx are looking quite likeable to me, and I don't see how they can miss the playoffs this year.

Maybe they'll get Appel in the draft?

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That was my somewhat tactless way of saying that I thought Brondello was gay. Turns out she's married, and about to have two kids; figures.

I said that I gotta get this thing recalibrated because I thought that Sheryl Swoopes was straight, and would have bet a mortgage payment that Tully Bevilaqua was gay. So, I'm not batting real high.

Moral of the story: straight people don't have "gaydar."
A couple of transactions by the Atlanta Dream.

(1.) Signing of restricted free agent Erika DeSouza to a 2-year contract.


(2.) Signing of unrestricted free agent Kelly Miller and re-signed her identical twin sister Coco Miller to 2-year deals. They both played together in high school and college (Univ. of Georgia) and in the now-defunct NWBL, but this is the first time in WNBA history that sisters are playing together for the same team at the same time.