[WNBA] Comments that don't warrant their own thread - 2K10 Edition

The New York Liberty is the latest WNBA team to get a uniform sponsor. In this case, it's a multi-year partnership with the Foxwoods Resort & Casino, which is located in Mashantucket, Connecticut.


Why didn't the Monarchs get a similar uniform partnership with the Palms Casino, or any one of the Native Indian casinos around Sac-town (such as Thunder Valley or Red Hawk)? Who knows, but if the M's did that, they might still be around today.

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I don't grok this: if USAB players were voted by the fans, which team do they play for? Presumably USAB, but then, who plays for the Stars? How deep is the voting? I mean, if they asked the fans to vote on twelve players, and ten of them are on the USAB roster, where do they get the other ten from?

In other news, GodSylla just ate Tina Charles the **** up, like her name was Tokyo!
Wow, does any WNBA head coach look like he gives less of a **** than Nolan Richardson?
Probably not.

Richardson was hired only because the new owners of the Tulsa Shock had wanted him there. Mainly because he's a well-known name in Tulsa, despite that he's never coached any pro league before and never coached (or even followed) the women's b-ball game previously.
Some more recent transactions while I was away:

July 23: Phoenix traded Nicole Ohlde and their 2011 first-round pick to the Tulsa Shock, in exchange for Kara Braxton.

July 26: Tulsa traded Alexis Hornbuckle (the last remaining player from last year's Detroit Shock team) to the Minnesota Lynx, in exchange for Rashanda McCants.

August 3: Minnesota waived Nuria Martinez and signed Kristen Mann. Mann played last year for the Washington Mystics, and was also previously with the Atlanta Dream, Indiana Fever, and the Lynx.


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Well... that definitely left a sour taste in my mouth... Pops is inconsolable.

FYI, not sure if you were watching the game, but during the time out at 2:32 in the first, you could see my family in the background: my nephew was bouncing up and down with a sign, with my sister next to him, and Pops next to her. If CJ didn't have to be in school, I'd have been there, too.
Is this announcer's accent really that bad, or is there actually a player on the Czech team named Benderova?! :eek:
You're close. There really is a player on the Czech Republic team named Markéta Bednarova. You can just imagine the jokes about her name! ;)

Then again I felt the same way about WNBA player DeWanna Bonner. :D
Carol "Blaze" Blazejowski steps down from her President and G.M. positions of the New York Liberty. She's been with the team from the very beginning of the WNBA since 1997.


I wonder if Whiz will consider?

Well, I called it!!!

According to Mechelle Voepel's Twitter page, John Whisenant will be the new G.M. and head coach of the N.Y. Liberty.


Teleconference for John Whisenant, new Liberty coach and GM today at 3 p.m. Eastern.
Whisenant had success as Sacto coach/GM, but also undermined Jenny Boucek when she became coach. In dual role with Libs, it's all on him. - less than a minute ago via web