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  • Howdy! Really enjoyed our limited time at the Clips game but it was a ball. A lot more work than I ever Imagined. A month later had total hip replacement as I was in big time pain that whole Clips game episode and sorta became a bit grouchy after the fiasco by the various unconnected Clips groups. Hope you enjoyed the SoCal group a really diverse bunch wouldn't you say??

    Seems I'm getting encouraged to put together a group to go to the Vegas Summer League in July sometime in the 9-18th time. The Kings team will play 5 games over about an 8 day period. There are typically 6 games a day. Keep in touch.
    Thank you for all the kind words from condolences to comments KD. You were always one of the more pleasant members around here. Since mid summer these past months have been a yo-yo emotionally for me in regards to my grandma's health but I'd take many more years of it as long as my grandma is still around. Hope you have a great year and take care of yourself.
    Thanks for the comment Glad some one enjoys my mindless rants :D im due for a smart one... just dont know when though
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