Wizards @ Kings - Tuesday, March 3 - 7PT/10ET

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The Kings need to hire a full time therapist - for the fans. My God, they play their best half of basketball in the first half, and then play like middle schoolers in the 3rd quarter. I think Walton had had it with the collapse routine. Can't blame him for going ballistic.

Terrible refs again. Fox getting only one foul???? WTF.
one of Hield/Bogdanovic and Bagley would probably get it done
Add our 1st round pick to the package and you’d need to reroute Hield/Bogdan to a 3rd team with that 3rd team giving the Wizards picks/young assets.

Fox /Joseph
Beal / Bogdan / James
If the Kings had not had a stellar 1st half, they would've lost this game, end of story. That's how lopsided that 3rd quarter was. Its ok to lose a quarter or even a half on the scoreboard as long as its a trim, but you can't gift the other team 20+pts in a quarter.
You are correct, you can't. That is why I was happy they didn't go full belly up and choke this game away.
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