With the 33rd pick in the 2010 NBA Draft, the Kings select...

still going with Jordan Crawford

the kid's a legit combo guard who can flat out shoot... he has a lot of work to do but there's a lot of potential there
I think he's going to be an asset to whatever team he plays for, maybe not right away but eventually. You can see he doesn't know when to pass sometimes, rarely looks for trailers etc,and he'll have to improve on decision making but he can score and has NBA range plus. At times he reminds me of that Artest dribble play.

This vid has probably been seen by everyone but just in case here it is again.

Just thought I'd revive this thread a bit...

Reading most of the recent Mock Drafts, I noticed Stanley Robinson is starting to slide. Alot. He was a projected as a late lottery pick at the end of the season, and now most mocks have him going in the second round.

He might be the most athletic player in the draft. SO much potential, and I wouldnt say he's that much worse than Aminu, if at all at this point in there careers. Aminu is just projected higher because of Robinsons off the court issues. I wouldnt mind him at #33 at all if he is still on the board.
Nice list Arbys, but I think you can pair down the list based on who we have worked out. Here's the list of 2nd round players we have worked out so far:

Hamady N’Diaye, 6-foot-11, Rutgers.
Landry Fields, 6-foot-7, Stanford.
Stephen Dennis, 6-foot-6, Kutztown University.
Sylven Landesberg, 6-foot-6, Virginia.
Dominique Johnson, 6-foot-3, Azusa Pacific.
Jerome Dyson, 6-foot-3, Connecticut.
Tiny Gallon, 6-foot-8, Oklahoma.
Stanley Robinson, 6-foot-9, Connecticut.
Nic Wise, 5-foot-10, Arizona.
Tweety Carter, 5-foot-11, Baylor.
Omar Samhan, 6-foot-11, St. Mary’s.
Ike Okoye, 6-foot-9, Boise State.
Brian Zoubek, 7-foot-1, Duke.
Donald Sloan, 6-foot-3, Texas A&M.
Jeremy Wise, 6-foot-1, Bakersfield Jam.
Ryan Richards
Jordan Crawford, 6-4, 195, Xavier
Dominique Jones, 6-4, 205, South Florida
Ben Uzoh, 6-3, 200, Tulsa
Sherron Collins, 5-11, 190, Kansas
Armon Johnson, 6-3, 195, Nevada-Reno
Ryan Wittman, 6-7, 215, Cornell
Andy Rautins, 6-4, 195, Syracuse
Darington Hobson, 6-7, 205, New Mexico
Trevor Booker, 6-7, 215, Clemson
Marquis Gilstrap, 6-7, 215, Iowa State
Jerome Jordan, 7-0, 235, Tulsa
Donald Sloan, 6-3, 205, Texas A
[FONT=&quot]Deonta Vaughn, 6-1, 195, Cincinnati
Trevon Hughes, 6-1, 193, Wisconsin
Robert Glenn, 6-7, 200, IUPUI
Dior Lowhorn, 6-7, 230, San Francisco[/FONT]
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If we somehow miss out on Cousins i say we should take Samhan with #33. I like him as a player. Too bad it wouldnt make any sense to pick him at #33 if we pick Cousins at #5.
Another guy I want to focus on is Thomas Heurtel of France as our 33rd pick. With the dearth of international prospects in this year's draft there's going to be inevitably some reaching by some teams to draft them, and Heurtel might be one of those guys.

While Heurtel is 6'2", he lacks length and therefore appears smaller than that based on his standing reach, but he's a fine leaper (36' vert). Skillwise, Heurtel is a specialist, but an ultimate feast-or-famine player: he's an elite-level passer (and might even be for this league) but he also plays terribly out of control, as he's equally turnover prone as he is as a passer. But on top of the passing, he's also a three point specialist: he takes a ton of threes and hits them at a 40% clip. He's ultimately a jumpshooting type. He's very similar to many offensive-minded, unathletic PGs, with poor rebounding, stealing, and foul rates (and an extremely terrible free throw rate), so he has built-in weaknesses, in addition to the fact that he's turnover prone. But there are NBA players with those same weaknesses (Jason Williams nominally) and while Heurtel is essentially a carbon-copy of Williams, he appears to be a better three point shooter than Williams. I also believe he's better than Sergio Rodriguez (better passer, better shooter, less turnover prone) and in that respect I sincerely believe he's a sleeper.

In the 2nd round, it's hard to find a strength combination of elite passing and good shooting built into a player, along with some athleticism (leaping ability), and combine this with the ability to be stashed Heurtel looks like a good bet anywhere in the 2nd round. He has built-in weaknesses which might not make him a starter/winning player, and his turnover proneness might put him in the doghouse of many strict NBA coaches, but he's very talented in his two tricks, and optimally he could develop into a popcorn machine off-the-bench offensive wizard type.
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Thanks for putting together that list Arby's. I was going to ask opinions on Jordan Crawford and Willie Warren, but those sound like what I have been hearing about them.

I hope that we pick Warren because that is my first name and I would love to have a Kings jersey with my name on it! =D
I wouldnt be surprised if we ended up with JT's kid brother.

Last year wasnt it said that GP drafted Brockness because Hawes wanted him on the team? And it is well known that Petrie just dicks around with 2nd round picks anyways.
Of those that are around our pick on DX's mock draft, I like Willie Warren and Mikhail Torrance. Terrico White, Dexter Pittman, and Charles Garcia are solid upside picks.
I'll pass on Shved, mostly because I can't get over the fact how skinny he is, and how his frame isn't conducive to putting on more weight. No matter how physically tough/skilled he is, he'll be swallowed alive defensively in the NBA. His best asset is his playmaking ability, largely, and while he's nifty, crafty, and has intelligence, those are inherent qualities and not actual skills.
On the page before, Arbys had a list of possible 2nd round picks, and sptsjunkie had narrowed it down to those we had worked out. However, a lot on the list aren't worthy of the 33rd pick and could be had much lower or be undrafted. ASSUMING we're lucky enough to get Cousins with the 5th pick, my preference would be to pick up the BPA of guards remaining or a C or PF that might slip, whichever Petrie feels is best. I would especially like us to get another lower 2nd round pick to get one of the following: Pittman, Varnado, Parakhouski, Garcia, Jordan, Samhan, Randle or Vasquez. There will be some possible undrafteds that I would like to see on our Summer League team, such as Samhan, Randle, Jeremy Wise, or Andy Rautins.

Come On Thursday !!! Can't wait.
At this point I'm really liking Terrico White, Willie Warren, and Mikhail Torrance. Of course I'd be down if Bledsoe fell to our pick.

It would be funny if we took Cousins and Orton dropped all the way to our 2nd round pick and we took him.
No one's happier about Landry's success so far than me. But would I take Whiteside still? Absolutely.
We'll see. I'd much rather have somebody who can play now, I know can play, plays the right way, smart AND somewhat local. But hey there is an outside shot the 'project' may be the best thing for us. Regardless...I had to say it...as nobody else really had Landry on the radar including NBA people.