With the 33rd pick in the 2010 NBA Draft, the Kings select...

I thought I'd make a new official 2nd round pick thread instead of looking for the old one.

Players I like in the early 2nd round: Dominique Jones, Jerome Randle, Willie Warren, Art Parakhouski, and Jason Varnado
I'm intrigued by him since he's one of the few shooters later in the draft, but will he be strong enough to drive and finish at the basket? Can he defend the 2?
no he can't lol

but with Crawford you need to see think about what he DOES bring to the table v. what he DOESN'T (ie: John Brockman)

hes going to be a limited role player possibly similar to Eddie House
select the best bigman or international player available. we might be able to stockpile a good international player overseas to season while we getting things in order over here.
I like a lot of guys in that second round.

Sheron Collins could be a nice PG coming off the bench. If Udrih is still slotted to start with Evans, were going to need another PG on the roster, and I think he can score at this level.

I also like Varnado, Garcia, Brackins, Booker, Ogilvy, Pittman, Zoubek and Vasquez in the second round. Alot of interesting bigs to be had.
I wouldn't complain if we took Collins. I think he is going to struggle around the basket, but he does a pretty good job of running a team. If I was looking for a second rounder to come right away to be a backup pg I think Collins is probably the way to go.

If Warren is available I would take him over Collins though. He has a chance to become the better of the two If he can improve his decision making.
What do you guys think of Sherron Collins?
As a college basketball fan I like Collins a lot. As a pro I don't think his game will translate. As a really short guard I think you've got to be exceptionally quick and/or a great shooter. He's quick and a pretty good shooter, but just a tick below what it will take for him to succeed.
Collins or Randle.. Get it done Petrie.. We need a tiny guard that can come off the bench and cause problems. Either could potentially be a matchup problem for any team.


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I'm not a big fan of Collins. He's more of a shoot first, pass second pt guard. He also tends to be a black hole at times. He's not all that athletic for a little guy, and doesn't have particularly good lateral movement. Which is the reason he had a hard time staying in front of his man in college. He's a decent ballhandler and passer, but I don't think he has true pt guard instincts. He seldom drives and dishes. He's a decent shooter from the outside. Not sure why we would want to draft him since we already have Beno and Tyreke at the pt. I'd rather go for a big man or a SG that can handle the ball.

Guys that I like and I think could help the Kings right away are:

Greivis Vasquez: I've referred to him as a poor mans Evan Turner. About the same size as Turner and with the same type of game. His skill set isn't quite as good as Turners though. He's really improved his game from year 1 till now. Playes much more under control. He has good handles and is a good passer. He's a fairly good outside shooter. Like Turner, he ran the point a lot at Maryland. He's also a fiery guy, which used to get him in trouble, but he's learned to temper it along the way..

Dominique Jones: A 6'4" SG. He's sort of like Tyreke Evans light. He loves to drive to the basket and is a good finisher. He handles the ball very well and is a good passer. These last two attributes are the only reason I list him ahead of Elliot Williams, who is more athletic, but doesn't handle the ball very well. Jones is also a good defender. He's not blessed with outstanding lateral movement, but he makes the most of what he has. He plays a Bobby Jackson style of defense where he gets right up in the players face.

Jarvis Varnado: 6'9" PF. I think Varnado is going to impact whatever team he ends up on. He's on the thin side but he's very long and has some of the best shotblocking instincts of any player I've seen in a long time. He's all time leading shotblocker in NCAA history. He's also a good rebounder despite his lack of bulk. He'll give you a little offense as well. He has a nice little 15 to 18 foot jumpshot that he used too infrequently. He'd be a great addition to any teams bench.

Jerome Jordan: 7' Center. I've been down on him all year. Make no mistake. He has the athleticism and talent of a first round pick. He was a very good shotblocker for Tulsa, and has a nice post game. He has an NBA body and according to everything I read about him, he's a hard worker. He just wasn't aggressive in most of the games I watched. And unfortunately Tulsa wasn't on TV that much. I was only able to catch 5 games. But it was his game against Marshall and Whiteside that got my attention back. Jordan just had his way with Whiteside. Pushed him all over the court. Backed him down at will and pretty much scored at will. For this reason, I'd certainly consider him in the second round. He's not a head case or anything like that. Quite the opposite. He could probably use a little of Cousins brain matter.

Stanley Robinson: 6'7" SF. Yeah, I know we don't need another SF, but this guy shouldn't be in the second round. He was to UCONN what Damion James was to Texas. He was the glue guy. The heart and soul of the team guy. He's not quite as talented or as athletic as James, but the amount of difference isn't the 1st round and the 2nd round. Its still possible that he gets selected in the first round. But he's someone you'd have to consider if he's sitting there in the second.

Charles Garcia: 6'11" PF. Another guy that should be in the first round talent wise. He's a real genuine boom or bust player. Offensively gifted player who can do just about everything you'd want. He can also do just about everything you don't want. Multifunctional if you will. He's an above average athlete, and when he wants to play defense, he's a good defender. When he wants to rebound, he's a good rebounder. If someone could find the off/on switch he'd be perfect. In all honesty. If someone could straighten out this kid, they'd have a star on their hands. Thats why I don't think anyone drafts him until the second round. Maybe even the second half of the round.

Craig Brackins: 6'10" PF. Made a huge mistake last year when he decided to go back to school. From what I heard his coach convinced him to return. Well his coach cost him a lot of money and being a first round pick. The funny part about it is that he's a better player now than he was then. Brackins is a pretty good athlete and is more quick than fast. He has a nice offensive game and can score from the outside and on the inside. He has a very good mid-range shot, and is a good post player. He improved his rebounding this season. His biggest weaknesses are his lack of strength and his handles. His lack of strength hurts him in the post and with his rebounding and also on defense in the post. He has good length, so I think if he can add about 10 to 15 pounds of muscle he could develop into a good player.

Art Parakhouski: 6'11" Center. A big strong center. And when you consider that he's only been playing basketball for five years, you have to be impressed with his skill level. This guy is a fast learner. He obviously worked on his body in the offseason because he's definitely more chiseled this season. When you consider the short amount of time he's been playing the game and that he averaged 21.4 PPG, 13.4 RPG, 2.1 BPG, 1.1 APG, and only averaged 2.2 fouls per game, it makes you wonder how good he would be if he had been playing since childhood. He has a nice turnaround jumper thats very effective. He also has a pretty good post game and he's never tenative in the post. He uses nice dropsteps and plays with confidence. His hook shot needs to be polished a little, but all in all he's solid offensively. Defensively he's very solid in man to man defense. And while not a great leaper, he does a good job of anticipating and either blocking or altering shots. Yeah, I know he played in a small conference. But he did play against Duke and put up 23 points and 14 rebounds and also played Kansas with Aldrich and put up 21 points and 13 rebounds. As you can tell, I really like this guy. He has the size and the skill level for the NBA, and he's still has upside. Plus he appears to be a quick learner. Someone to consider.
What about Jarvis Varnado?
I like his Keon Clark sort of potential, but I fear his Stephane Lasme potential, too. A lot of players who are famous for their shot blocking in college don't keep it up at anything close to their old rate in the NBA, and the players hit hardest seem to be the ones that aren't extremely tall. Lasme had tied Kidd's NCAA record for triple doubles, playing in 4 college games where he had them (pts, reb., blocks), but being 6'9" seems to work better in college... like for Justin Williams, who was also less than gigantic, and who had also triple-doubled with blocks in college. Both were still good shot blockers, just not good enough to ensure them a lasting spot on an NBA roster.

I'm not saying that it's impossible that his game will transfer, and if it's going to, I want him! But a lot of the time, for those 6'8"-6'9" sorts of guys, it won't happen.

I'll be watching for his combine data.


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As a bench player though why not? He is kinda a ball hog but off the bench he could be a killer.
Just personal with me I guess. There were a lot of games where I didn't like the way he played. So I guess from my prespective, if you putting a team together, why not pick the type of players that fit the best. I think Randle would fit beautifully. Randle is a better player in my opinion. His problem is his height. I just don't want selfish players on the team. And at times Collins was selfish.

But aside from that, I don't think the Kings main need is at point guard. I think its at SG. Which is why I like players like Vasquez.