Why don't I get the games on TV?

I live in Dublin, CA which is close enough to Sacto (1h 30m drive without traffic) that I figured I would get the games on TV, but I don't.

How close to Sacramento do you need to be to get the games on TV? Are the games unavailable throughout the entire East Bay?

I just find it a bit strange. I get that the Warriors are the main draw, but the East Bay is a large market. I have AT&T UVerse.

I moved here from Long Island, and I've grown into being a Kings fan, but not being able to watch the games without the NBA TV subscription sucks.
It’s going to be all Ws, same reason why we don’t get local Ws coverage here. You can buy the nba league pass or individual games though.
welcome to the bay mate, dont worry, we get to head over to oracle and pull the wool over their eyes twice a season.

BART to oracle from Dublin is easy
I have Uverse (U200) in El Dorado Hills. The Kings play on NBC Sport California channel 1768. Check that your package covers the sports channels like 1768. I think the least expensive channel packages come with fewer sports options. Good luck.