Who am I? (NBA Players Edition 2023)


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I wanted to wait until the conclusion of the NBA Finals to make this thread so here goes. This is for both forum members that either play basketball currently for recreational purposes and/or used to play at the high school level and beyond. I will list a list of physical and skill attributes and the point of this game is to name the NBA player either current or former that most resembles the attributes I put together about myself. If you never played or don't play, you can participate in this as well in throwing around comparisons.

Height: 5'11
Frame type: Lean and lanky
Short, neutral or long arms: long
Hand size; small, average or large: small
left or right handed: right
jumping ability; ground bound, average or high leaper : average
stamina/endurance level : poor, average, good or excellent : excellent

Next set of categories will be strengths and weaknesses in your game

strengths: strong mid-range shooting, excel in low post hook shots and floaters, strong defender, excellent stamina

weaknesses: poor 3 point shooting, weak dribbling skills, small hands

Final category is going to be about what players and attributes did you incorporate into your game when you played. For example;

Antawn Jamison quick hook
Tony Parker floater
Ben Wallace weakside shot blocking
Kevin Garnett high release mid-range shot

who am I?