Where are KingsFans members from? (Follow link and mark map!!)

Well I was born in Guatemala and came to live in California when I was 8. Started watching the NBA mainly because of Michael Jordan.:D Didn't even now who the Lakers were until I was in high school and since I live in LA I started to watch their games.:cool:
I added myself, hometown: Red Bluff, CA population 13,000+

It's been a long strange trip for this Sac State grad:
Red Bluff->Yuba City->Sacramento->Redding->San Diego->Encino->Beverly Hills
I'm originally from another country, immigrated in Oxnard, California in the year 1997, but now living in Ojai, CA.

Actually, I am supposedly an LA-lakers fan coz I see all the games of lakers and clippers on local channel. But the moment I saw how the unselfish Webber/Divac-led Kings play, I knew I'll be a life-long fan for the Kings. I just fell in love with how the team played unselfishly during those glory years of the Kings.

I miss those years of exciting games played by that roster.


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In June this year we moved to Solana Beach next to the Del Mar Race track north of San Diego. Thats about 20 miles north of San Diego Airport and 35 mi north of the Mexico border. Lived up north of Auburn in 80's and 90's and became season ticket holder in 1990 before moving to Santa Cruz in 1998 (arrgghhh, was that bad timing or what?).
I hail from San Diego California. Im about 20 minutes north of Mexico. King Baller, I was born and raised until i was around 10 or 11 in modesto. Peja Stojakovic 16, its good to see Syria is in the house!
Well, originally I was from Mars, but I have relocated to Venus because I've heard that's where the women are.
I used to live on Mars too. The economy sucked there and our intergalactic basketball team came in last. I got discouraged when we missed out on Og in the draft. So I loaded up the wife and kids and landed here. Tyreke is better than Og anyway.
I am working and living in Shanghai but am originally from the cold Alps in Austria.
Thanksfully in the last weeks chinese TV showed tons of Kings games :D
Its exciting for me to think about where many of you live. Born, raised, all levels of school, job, retirement, within the Sacramento City limits and not going anywhere, yet!
MIA for a year and 4 months, forgot if I replied to this thread.
Anyway, born and raised in Quezon City, Philippines and have been a resident of Stockton, CA for 11 years.

Oops, just saw another Kingballer. Only differnce is that I'm "Kingballer" (no space) and he is "King (space) Baller." Hello, my "twin".
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Born & raised in Vallejo (C.C.Sabathia, Jahvid Best, Tug McGraw, Jeff Gordon, Bill Buckner) went to school in the Valley, and moved to.....

Darn, let me think...

I'm trying to remember the name of this place....

Hmm, I thought I had it....

Oh well, I'm a couple of blocks from Vic's Ice Cream, and just down I-5 from Arco. That's all that's important. ;)
Originally from Sacramento but moved around a bit after I joined the Navy. Stationed in Italy for my 4 years in the service then moved to Idaho after I got out. Met my wife there and then she joined the Air Force. Currently we are at her first base in Freezin Minot, North Dakota but moving to Ramstein, Germany in the next month or so.