What's your latest top 10? (split)

A private dinner does not equal a workout. Could be he told Vlade and Vivek that he respects them but really has no interest playing in sac. Just playing devil's advocate here. All things considered it's a good sign he had dinner with them.
If he was trying to avoid the Kings like reported, he could've easily told them he was busy preparing for the next game and let his agent handle it from there. It makes no sense to meet with someone to tell them you want to have nothing to do with them.
If he was trying to avoid the Kings like reported, he could've easily told them he was busy preparing for the next game and let his agent handle it from there. It makes no sense to meet with someone to tell them you want to have nothing to do with them.
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They're both fairly likely though or I wouldn't be wasting my time typing. Rumor has is he didn't send the Kings his medicals, he likes big markets, and the Kings are leaning towards Bagley or porter. Combine all of that with a dinner and make what you will of it.
Actually, the rumor was he didn't send any team his medicals.
I think you missed my point. It is NOT likely for him to personally meet with a team that he wants to avoid. That's like going on a date with someone just to tell them you have no interest in them. Much easier to tell them no from the start.
Not only that, conventional logic would tell you that Luka’s not gonna be completely disinterested in playing for a team led by Vlade and Peja i.e. two legends from the region. Sure, Slovenia is a different country, but still Luka has grown up knowing all about them and from what I’ve read has the utmost respect.
people have been sleeping on him from Day one, I wouldn't be surprised if he has GMs hitting themselves for not drafting him earlier. He has NBA tools to be productive, to what extent remains the question.
Id love to find away to get knox or miles bridges somehow. 2 guys not getting hyped that have a lot of upside atthe wings. I like them both over Mikal, sexton, young, carter


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I'm in business.... Sometimes you try not to accept no for an answer. Kings could've said we understand you don't want to come to sac, just hear us out over a quick dinner and then we'll leave you alone if you're still not interested.

Once again, just playing devil's advocate. Probably not the case. The point is no one knows one way or another.
People may not "know one way or another" but this all of a sudden idea that because he hasn't specifically said he WILL play here means he won't is delusional. For the vast majority of incoming NBA athletes, the idea of having to come out and name which franchise you will play for is totally beyond what is said or done. They're glad to be coming to the NBA. It's just a few prima donas that act like they really have the final say.
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Draft is close so might as well try to put these prospects in order and in tiers

1. Doncic
-Most important skill in todays Nba is shot creating for himself and others. Most important position is wing. Doncic is an elite playmaker, he will destroy traditional pick n roll coverage every time, he is actually very elite pick n roll ball handler. Pick n roll is also the most common way of creating offense. All in all its just a no brainer.

2. Porter
-Porter being #2 would require a full go from team doctors regarding his back. All in all very risky pick, a lot of unknowns but there just isnt a lot of 6'11 wings with his skillset. Good shooter, very good off the dribble, very good shooting contested shots, good athlete, can finish at the rim some, can catch lobs, has some defensive potential as a weak side blocker. Again, very risky but the upside is just very good. Wouldnt be comfortable taking him top 2 without all the available info on his injury and potential future injury risk ect. Very hard to evaluate but since I dont have his medical records, I have to assume he is the same player as he was in high school.

3. Jackson jr.
Elite defender which is the most important skill for a center, showed some real defensive instincts in college and didnt just dominate with athletisism. Can switch about everything and thats extreamely valuable in todays Nba. Not an offensive force but can hit spot up and pick n pop threes and that increases his value over guys like Bagley. Not an elite rebounder. Almost 100% guaranteed valuable productive player in the Nba but very small chance of becoming a superstar.

4. Tre Young
Again, most important skills in todays Nba: Shot creation for himself and others. Young is good at both of those and has a chance of being elite in creating for himself. He is able to hit shots with consistency that most of the Nba players cant. He is also a great passer and assist rate usually translates very well from college to Nba (his assist rate was great).
Forcing teams to hard hedge or switch every pick n roll including him as a ball handler is extreamely valuable and will boost the team offense a lot. Defensively a big liability so he is only 4th and tier 2 on my board. Offensive upside is just so big and on top of the draft I value a potential offensive game changers a lot. A lot more superstar potential than JJJ but also much bigger bust potential so hes ranked #4 behind JJJ

5. Ayton
Hard to decide between him and Young at 4 or 5 but positional value puts Young ahead of Ayton. To me Ayton is a guy who will put up big box score numbers and will definetly boost the teams offense but defensive liability as a center havent been the recipe for succes in this league. On the top of the draft I want players that are able to contribute at the highest level of competition and I'm not seeing a probable path on Ayton being a best player or 2nd best player on a conference finals team. If he had shown even little bit more defensive instincts, I would be more confident with him but unfortunately that wasnt the case. Will probably be a little overrated for his whole career. Big (empty) stats on a bad team kind of player.

Tier3 i dont want to spend too much energy on. It would be something like Bamba, Bagley, Mikal Bridges, Miles Bridges, Carter. Bamba has a lot of upside because of his measurements and athletic testing, both Bridges are more pieces of already good team altough very valuable pieces (3&d wings so a premium position). Bagley is more of a gamble with higher upside and lower floor. Carter is a solid player but not enough upside for me to pick a center top 5-top10