What is your 2k17 roster?



Just to get away from the negativity of the loss today. For those who currently play 2k17, what is your franchise roster on there?

I traded everybody lol..but it sucks not having a 2017 or 2018 or 2019 1st round pick on that game. I got a lot of three point shooters to go along with Cousins. Seems to be working so far.

Here is my roster:

PG - Collison
SG - JR Smith
SF - Jaylen Brown
PF - Cousins
C - Kelly Olynyk


Tyus Jones
Nikola Petrovic
Jason Richardson
Malachi Richardson
Ryan Anderson

BTW Malachi can flat out shoot the rock from 3 point range even though he is a B
I see that I picked quite the original name! lol

I like to start from the beginning of the offseason so I have a chance at free agency and draft deals. The trading on the 2k series has always been strange, they value mid lottery picks way too highly and often I find myself with a chance to trade the 8 pick and another small asset for one of the top 3 players in the draft. Not that I mind the easier climb to the top though!

Rudy, Marco and kosta trades are always first in my book, then I move on to the 8 pick since the value isn't great in terms of potential for the player you pick even though they are probably a 71-72. I traded Rudy to Boston for avery bradley and some young pf named jordan mickey. Then kosta for two lottery protected first round picks from the raptors I think. Now even though real life Ben Mac might be bad, virtual version is super athletic and can shoot the three pretty well. He somehow manages to dunk on the center at least twice a game. Marco turned into a expiring cj watson and a lottery protected first rounder. I then traded the 8 pick a lottery protected first rounder in like 2019 or whenever you can finally use it again for Derrick Favors. I then was left with around 35 mil in cap room and a much more talented roster and was able to sign Kevin Durant with a ntc.

So my lineup after the draft

PG- Collison
SG- Bradley
SF- Durant
PF- Favors
C- Cousins


PG- CJ watson and some second rounder
SG- Benny Mac
Sf- Casspi, Anderson
PF- Jordan Mickey
C- Willy, Skal

Which ended up 65-17 and the first seed. lol If only right! I lost collison halfway through the season to an acl tear which is killing me in the playoffs having to deal with the blazers and the backcourt that never misses a shot. Durant shot 52 percent from three and average 28/7/9. Kyrie Irving with the MVP at 38.9 points a game lol. Despite Westbrook averaging 29/12/9.8