A Decade of Picks. Good Riddance


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Thats not true. People who criticize current FO dont question other peoples fandom, age or intelligence. They dont tell anyone to stop liking something. However there is stuff liked this said to them that criticize this franchise:

No, there arent anyone telling people "stop liking this", however there are posts like those above and people calling other posters "trolls" for criticizing something this franchise did wrong.
The portions of that particular poster's comments you have alluded to were deleted.
So, the difficulty is that it isn't something that happened, has ended, and there's potential to move onward. It is something that has happened, and is ongoing. It is continuous. It is the disease of incompetence. So, we want to move on, but we recognize that in order to do so, it requires competence. How likely is it that this front office and the franchise does that without a leadership change? That's the question. So yes, there has been things in the past that have happened and that's water under the bridge. However, if there's still the same troll under the bridge, perhaps we need to deal with that before being able to move on.

In order to look forward to something (aka hope), there's the element of anticipating a change from the past and status quo. So when the past keeps repeating itself and nothing is changing, I don't think acknowledging it is somehow a viewpoint that is always in the rear view mirror. It is looking into the future and seeing no reason to expect a different future than the past, at least without significant changes. So I'd ultimately ask the Kings to give us a reason to hope, because this last decade has all but spent the reserves of many fans.

As for me, I don't expect a different future unless that change happens, and I believe that change must include getting competent leadership in the front office.
Whats aggravating about this is the team did finally give us Sacramento fans some hope last season, and management (Vlade) tinkered too much with what was working to try to fix what wasn't, and now are somehow about into rebuilding the rebuild and have regressed.

In a hindsight 20/20 scenario, I would've kept Joerger, resigned Stein for less than Dedmon , resigned Barnes only at about 2/3rds his current contract and if not, resign Shumptert to 1/8th Barnes contract (Shumpert is currently getting $419k for partial season with Nets) and signed Holmes and Joseph as new additions; - keeping a medium/large cap-space available for midseason trade in case play didn't work well- then focus on defense in the off-season with the intent of mostly keeping the run-and-gun offense. With some luck, there'd be some incremental improvement on defense while the offense wouldn't have fallen off so much. But that's an alternative reality.

The current reality is looking bleaker. I think there have been too many player changes, and the team chemistry has suffered. This season torpedoing losing streak occured when trying to re-integrate Fox and Bagley, while Hield and Barnes slumped, and now its just a tailspin. And then there's the game pace flip, stifling some of what gave the team their offense last season. Their pace has gone from 5th to 30th, and ppg from 114.4 to 104.9 -- a 9.5 ppg differential. The management (Vlade) 'bit off much more than the team could chew'.
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