What do you want the lineup to be?

10 players played over 20 minutes (0 30+) last night. I know we want to play and develop everybody, but chemistry-wise this can't be ideal...
After last night, I want a lineup of

Pappa G/KK

Hield first off the bench for offensive spark. Sprinkle in Carter for some direction if needed, Mason, Malachi, JJ, Zbo in spurts.

I just see a lot more fight in that squad and it also avoids Dave's tendancy to dump it down low unless he really thinks Skal can be the next Zbo.
The lineup I want to see more of has a good combination of vets and young players.

SF: Bogdan / Temple/ JJ
C: KK / Skal / Papa G
SG: Hill / Buddy/ Malichi
PG: Fox / Mason

I like Bogdan at SF to space the floor with his 3 point shooting, which will eventually come around.

Buddy would be my 6th man.

Temple would be my utility 3 & D off the bench.

Skal future may be at center, but he needs to add strength.

Mason should be getting PT and backing up Fox at PG.
The line-up against Portland was pretty good. Jackson needs some more minutes. Kind of like the one above with more Temple and less Bogdan. Temple at the 3 gives the Kings three good ball handlers. With Willie and KK on the floor at the same time, 3 guards works fine.