What do they need to work on this summer?

Marvin Bagley III - outside shot, right hand, playmaking
Harrison Barnes - new multi-year contract with the Kings
Nemanja Bjelica - needs to develop a quick release
Bogdan Bogdanovic - defense in the paint, dribbling less
Willie Cauley-Stein - new address
De'Aaron Fox - strength and stamina, free throws
Harry Giles - playing under control, strength
Buddy Hield - earning free throws, defense
Teamwork. When the team gets together, work in new starter Bagley, 3 1/2 Guard rotation -Fox, Hield and Bogdanovic with Yogi, rotation of Barnes and Brewer, Batley with Bjelica, and at C- Cauley-Stien, Koufos and Giles. Build the teamwork.
Defensive rebounding, all of them
There are so many times, or so it seems, when we have 3-4 Kings players in the paint, but the one guy from the other team gets the rebound. It's maddening! And yet, statistically, we are about 13th in rebounding. But if we can't get the rebound when it counts the most, then we aren't good enough at it. I was surprised to find that, per 36 minutes, Willie was a better rebounder than Harry. Wasn't expecting that.