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We had a thread like this a long time ago but then, during the dark times, we didn't get enough new members and it eventually died. Now, when things are looking up, we're able to welcome new folks (or long-time lurkers) again. Come on in, grab a seat and hold on. It's gonna be a whole lot of fun!!!


another serb on a forum.

in first couple of months, or maybe a whole year, i won't write much because a long NBA break is behind me... like 15 years.
started again in april 2018 with this forum to check out what is actually vlade doing here and is there some possibility to restore old glory days.
when that team fell apart i started to lose interest in NBA, also was not able to watch games in early AM hours, because of work & duties (coaching kids for example).

it was a privilege following golden nineties and i didn't like new iverson/garnett/marbury generation. also some other issues about NBA overall started to bother me, when i got fully familiar with the league system and customs. dont want to bother you, just some things that give wtf moments to us, europeans...
of course, there is a game 6 moment too

so you can look at me like some who was cryogenically frozen from 2003 to 2018, and you'll find interesting some observations of mine:

fakers are not stern's golden boys anymore
hell, even stern is not around anymore
milwaukee and toronto are not rubbish anymore
GSW are not trading their 1st round rookies for a sack of potatoes anymore
clipps are not eternal losers anymore... ok, they are not eternal winners now, but still
charlotte hornets moved back?
orlando is still rubbish
dennis rodman is completely broke, even saw him in some obscure croatian late night TV show, dancing with... homeless
how many teams this legit successor of MJ changed so far in order to get rings?
how isiah was doing in knicks? back to old glory days?