Vegas Summer League (split)


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Why the F would you challenge an inconsequential play like that? Wouldn't it make sense to hold onto to it when the game is on the line? lol.


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Mika’s won me over. Not any more than to be Jack Cooley 2.0, but so much better after he looked horrible the first game.

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I agree that he's looked better, but he has to finish better at the basket. He misses a lot of chippys. Overall, he has more potential than Cooley. Better athlete, taller, and can hit a shot away from the basket. Still, you gotta love Cooley. I take pride in starting the Cooley chant at summer league despite Unci03 throwing things at me and telling me to shut up. I think I had the Capt's support though. Maybe not!
I think there is a lot there but he just doesn’t touch the ball much. He does see the floor fairly well and makes the right play but would like for him to be more selfish
Even Steve Smith noticed it and said so. James just isn't getting plays run for him and when he does touch the ball, he's being unselfish and looking to make the right play. I like that.

Late in today's game he made a textbook extra pass as the defense rotated to him and found a wide open Kyle Guy for a big 3. He knows how to play the game.