Vegas Summer League GAME 4: Kings v. Cavaliers , 7/11/18 1:30 PT, 4:30 ET

Giles looked very bad outside a few passes. I still think people need to cool the hype on his front. Other bigs in SL have looked just as promising, but their fans aren't calling them Garnett lol
How do you know what other fans are saying? I just saw another thread where you were hyping other rookies as “amazing”, so maybe you need to turn down the hyperbole also. :eek:

I don’t think he will be the next Garnett; however I have used that as an example of the type of player he seems to be. What would be an acceptable example in your eyes? A more athletic Jack Cooley, with a better low post game, better mid-range and three point shot, defensive instincts, speed and higher basketball IQ, but maybe a step below jack in box-out positioning? This is a fun game!!
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Grant actually does love him at least so far. Cousins "disrespected" Grant so they had beef. Webb did the same. The only people Giles is going to disrespect belong to the other team on the court. Hes not a hot head per se. Just a strong and fiery competitor.
Both Cousins and Webber saw Grant for what he is. I think Giles will, too. He just won't call him on it.
Giles is a dude. Fox, Giles, Bagley, Hield and Bogi....that’s something to be excited about.
meh.. I like Hield, and I like Bogdan.. Not really high on Fox, and don't think Bagley or Giles will be any good for us. I see a lot of less than 30 win seasons for us if we don't get better draft picks or free agents.