Top Ten Ranked Free Agent Big Men

So went trough Top Ranked Big Men (C,PF) per HoopsHype and here is the list:

Overall Rank, Name, Pos, Status, 20/21 Earnings, Age, -MyPersComments

2 John Collins PF RFA 4.1M 23 -Max Player
5 Jarrett Allen C RFA 3.9M 23 - Max Player
10 Andre Drummond C UFA 28.7M 27 -20M 3-4yr (Still only 27 age)
11 Serge Ibaka C Play-Opt 9.2M 31 - If Opt out 15M 3 yr
15 Montrezl Harrell PF Play-Opt 9.2M 27 - If Opt out 15M 4 yr
16 Paul Millsap PF UFA 10M 36 - ST 2yrs 10M
17 Lauri Markkanen PF RFA 6.7M 23 -18M 3yrs
18 Richaun Holmes PF UFA 5M 27 - 15M 4yr
24 Mitchell Robinson C Team-Opt 1.6M 23 - Team will keep
27 JaMichael Green PF Play-Opt 7.1M 30 - If Opt out 10M 3yr

If Ibaka and Harrell both opt out to UFA, How many Teams with cap space still there after first 5 players signed?

If Cap money still there after 1st 5, do you get Lauri or Richaun?

If cap space still there I think Holmes will take the 60 mil contract if offered

If Cap Space runs dry, only MLEs avail Holmes stays in Sactown
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So Jwbiker who loves working your entire life with numbers, you know I care about one man on your list and so will they be able to offer that only IF they make prior moves or do I just hang up my jersey next to Bogi’s
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So Mr CPA man who loves working your entire life with numbers, you know I care about one man on your list and so will they be able to offer that only IF they make prior moves or do I just hang up my jersey next to Bogi’s
If Buddy, Barnes or Bagley moved to free up cap space (I think unlikely) then can offer more than 10.5m per year
Otherwise, 10.5 would be the Kings Max Offer


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I saw on hoopsrumors, insiders say that a few teams, Charlotte being one of them as I’ve mentioned before is going to offer Holmes a 4 yr, $80M deal. Dallas was mentioned as a probable suitor too

No effing way would I do that for a non-defending guy like Holmes.
Any team offering him 4/80 better win a championship with him. He is not a 20M/player. 12-13 ok but a slight reach given his size. To put it in perspective, Nurkic was a 4/48M contract, valencunis is 3/45M (a stretch but not crazy), Ayton 4/40M, ibaka 2/18M, zubac 3/21M. With his production, id say Valencunis and Nurkic are where his target should be, although they are far larger than him. 10-13M per is his value. I would not be mad at any number in this range. But really, the focus on this off season is asking him if he goes to get a s/t and figuring a package to get better players at most positions. Packaging buddy, bagley, barnes to go for upgrades. Ideally, the main target would be a Cappella (not likely) or Myles Turner (possible) to shore up the middle.
How is Andre Drummond still only 27? Feels like he should be in his 30s by now.

Does anyone else think these rankings are off? I think you could make a case for Holmes over anyone not named Collins or Allen, and that is largely due to age. I'm not mad at Drummond above Richaun, but think there is a case there for Holmes.
Jason Anderson @JandersonSacBee
Some of the centers who could be available if the Kings lose Richaun Holmes and Hassan Whiteside in free agency: Willie Cauley-Stein (team option) Alex Len (UFA) Harry Giles III (UFA) Dewayne Dedmon (UFA) DeMarcus Cousins (UFA)

Wow all former Kings

Len played well for us , full sized C
Giles - fan favorite, would love to have him back, he loves Sacto/fans, more Playing time than Portland
Willie - oh hell no
Dedmon - been there done that
Big cuz - he would rather not play than come back here

I would add Daniel Theis - I thought he played well for Celtics


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Holmes is good but he isn't 4/80 good. If a team offers him that, he's gotta take it and we've gotta let him go.
Giles isn't a better developmental prospect as a big than Metu is at this point as painful as it is to say.
Hassan's probably gone but we could probably bring him back if push comes to shove and we really need a body.

This year's draft has a glut of intriguing bigs in the late-first/second round so that might be where we go for big man depth.
1320 was briefly talking about Drummond if he was cheaper than Holmes, only caught part of the conversation. I'm not sure what I think about that.
Nope. No. Nada. No way.

Dude unfortunately just isn't capable of being a modern NBA center. I think he can be useful in a 10-15 MPG role against back-ups, but he just gets so exposed against starting caliber defenses these days. This Lakers-Suns series being a great example.


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I think the Kings need to save their cap and stock the center position with a defensive oriented platoon.

I mean, last year Monte got Whiteside for cheap, had Frank the Tank in camp before letting him go, not that he was a defensive guy but he’s getting rotation minutes for Phoenix.

Damian Jones, Metu and some FA signing who can play D

All that would get us the same amount of wins as Holmes most likely as we use the extra salary to build up the wing position.